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Listen to this interview with Almine by Lee Osborne that was aired this past week but was originally conducted back in October of 2011. Thanks for sharing, Lee!


Journey Into The LabyrinthIn the past week Almine decided to withdraw her book Journey into the Labyrinth. This choice came after she went through the book and saw that a lot of information that was in it, no longer represented the place we are in now as a cosmos. You could say the frequency of the information had just become too low as we moved into new states of beingness. Thus she decided to pull both the book, ebook and the course Revisiting the Labyrinth, which has much of the same information on the hidden libraries of the Earth. In the upcoming months she will go through both the book and the course to see which parts can be salvaged and used in other places. For example, the beautiful book cover will most probably return on a future different book.


We are preparing to do another LiveStream Event with Almine, much the same as we did this last spring, when Almine connected to Life Beyond the Matrix. The feedback on that event has been huge. Also, we are preparing for another global ceremony through Ascension.net and SpiritualMastery.com. To be kept in the loop of both these upcoming events, subscribe to Almine’s beautiful newsletter here.


Talking about feedback, your responses to the Arasatma breathing techniques just keep on pouring in. Read but a few of the testimonials on the experiences people are having under ‘testimonials’ on the Arasatma page.


Last, but not least, we want to thank everyone for their kind words, comments, and emails about this work. Lately the team behind Almine has been getting a lot of positive feedback as well. We just wanted to thank you for this. It is great for us to be able to share our passion with you and even better that it is being received in the way that it is. On behalf of the whole team: Thanks! It is dearly appreciated.


A Global Call to Overcome Dysfunctionality

Withdrawing support from dysfunctionality
Poetic tone of 11th of September, 2013, from Almine’s Calendar of Oneness.

In our latest episode of Awakening from the Dream we invited everyone during a new segment of the show, to focus on one of the poetic tones of the upcoming week. Every Wednesday Almine sends out her newsletter and it always starts with the poetic tone of that day. We thought that this can be a very powerful tool to use globally with our light family. Thus we invite everyone to focus this week on the poetic tone of the newsletter of Wednesday the 11th of September, being “withdrawing support from dysfunctionality“.

Update 11th of September, 2013: Radio show is now available! You can listen to the invitation here.

How does dysfunctionality still play a role in your life? How does it show itself? And how do you still support it? All questions you can investigate during this week.

During the show we shared multiple views on dysfunctionality, among others the one we shared in a post this past Friday:

Silent agreements and unspoken agendas between people lie and serve to keep them from growing out of one another’s control. To indulge their folly and excuse dysfunctionality is done to buy security. All of life presses for clarity and truth. Impeccable authenticity in our interactions is the most likely to produce successful relationships.

The radio show should be up in the archives today or tomorrow. Until that time, share what dysfunctionality means to you and how you plan to no longer support it. We love to hear from you in this new initiative!

Six Ways to Eliminate Ego

A recent little gem from Almine’s weekly newsletter to start your week:

Practical tools for eliminating ego:
1. Claiming our ‘undesirable’ parts as parts of ourselves that have lost their ‘song’.

2. Releasing resentment against the pace of life. Our resentment indicates that ego wishes to keep control.

3. Living a surrendered life that knows that the folly of others should be observed (but not engaged) as the mirrors of areas within ourselves where we need to express the song of self.

4. Relinquishing all need to define ourselves and to be understood.

5. Ruthlessly eliminating the focus on what is not the way we want it to be – this only increases the illusion of lack.

6. Contemplating deeply the meaning of the great truth: “Nothing can ever be truly obsolete.”

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Star Races Don’t Understand Pleasantries

How have we been chosen by our Star Friends? At this middle-age stage of my life, I don’t have anything in common with my new Friend. Nothing has been said as to why I was chosen by this female – it just feels very random!

I’m especially ‘concerned’ I suppose because around a week and a half back I had the name ‘Jacbal’ or ‘Jacbar’ pop into my head. (The only bit that’s similar to my penpal’s name is ‘ba’!) A couple of days later I asked where they were from and I heard Andromeda.

I don’t know if my female Friend is connected in someway to this, especially as there wasn’t any kind of real introduction… I appreciate that their time may be limited so they just get the important information across and are just ‘black and white’ with directness – no ‘pleasantries’ as it were!

As you can tell – I’m so confused!

My dearest A., just to clear up some confusion:
The only race I have ever encountered that have the remotest idea of pleasantries, other than humanity, would be Pleiadeans. Arcturians have never shown much of this, and their expression of gratitude at the communication, and at times affinity for the one they are talking to, is truly the most emotion I have ever seen them exhibit.

The name that you received previously is not Arcturian, and right now those are the only ones who I’ve been relaying messages for (I say ‘relay’ because many of these beings have never left their planet). The reason I have tried to do it under controlled circumstances, is that every conceivable star race we’ve been interacting with would like to either latch onto or get the attention of humans – especially when they are in the God Kingdom. We are the pivot point of life and therefore the place with the most latent power.

As to your question about it being ‘random’ as to what contact has been assigned to you – it is far from random and clearly they saw that you had commonalities. This is however hard to get to know through three minutes of communication. But their artwork is designed to continually emit layers of heartfelt subtle information. The art is especially designed to circumvent our tendency to take things at face-value.

I recently had two reports in the Red Deer retreat of where spiritual gifts awakened as a result of transference from Arcturian contacts. In other words, the heart connection created an increased emphasis within the recipients. There are definitely gifts to be had from this interaction, if we just look for them.

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Get Your Cosmic Penpal
Read about lightworkers’ experiences with their Cosmic Penpal

Separation Vs. Oneness (Letting Go of Our Most Sacred Cows)

Over the years, Almine has guided us through the matrices of illusion, moving beyond a life opposites and stepping into the Eternal Moment. In this audio, Almine details this journey and reveals the next step – A step that may require us to let go of one of our most revered ‘sacred cows’.

This audio was recorded at the Ancient Shamanism for Women event in February of 2013. This subject matter will be be further explored in the upcoming course: Down the Rabbit Hole 4. For more information about the course and other topics that will be covered – please visit course page on the Online Mystery School here.

The Eternal Moment (Beyond Light & Frequency Part 2)

Straight from Almine’s latest newsletter

As beings of light, we have had the inclination to want to know. The need to know and the interpretation of experiences creates linear becoming which leads to cyclical change. To move beyond, we must understand how to truly experience without trying to know. We find that when we hold on to plans, preferring one moment of time (which is frequency) and space (which is light), there is a loss of innocence. This loss of innocence removes the wonder of the moment.

For more information on ushering in a new age of time: the Eternal Moment, visit: http://goo.gl/rNG3t

For more information about bringing an end to linear time, visit: http://goo.gl/rNG3t

See more Almine videos on her youtube page.

See part 1 of this video series here.

Origins Of Linear Time (Beyond Light & Frequency Part 1)

Straight from Almine’s latest newsletter

In this fireside chat, Almine dives deep into metaphysics, sharing insights behind the most basic building blocks of existence: light and frequency. Almine shares with us the origins of linear time, details of the very nature and composition of the matrix, all while exposing the two leading tyrants of existence.

For more information about bringing an end to linear time, visit: http://goo.gl/rNG3t

See more Almine videos on her youtube page.

This video series continues in this post, here.

A Few Announcements

Flake of Purity #81: Kaarstat-ulesbi

The meaning of life is the same for all beings: Adoration in Action.

Replaces: We cannot hope to understand the meaning of life, thus we seek only the clarity to know our next step.

This is one of the 108 Flakes of Purity that are part of Way of the Toltec Nagual.


Today we take the time to make just a few announcements; so much is happening within Spiritual Journeys that it’s good to do a little re-cap:

The (tentative) spiritual retreats with Almine for 2013 are now online. Among them will be the first ever Women’s only shamanic retreat in March. Find out about this and other retreats here.

Fragrance Alchemy: MagnoliaThey have been available for a time during retreats, but now they can also be ordered online: Fragrance Alchemy! Until December 15th, 2012 we’ll have multiple promotions of these fragrances, beginning this month with a 40% discount on Magnolia. Check out Almine’s new Fragrance website.

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Looking For Your Help

How to Raise an Exceptional ChildAs you may have noticed, the store is undergoing a bit of an update. Books are getting free previews, for example those of The Abundant Life, How to Raise and Exceptional Child and The Way of the Toltec Nagual. Lots of free pages to immerse yourself into the mystical world of Almine’s daily life.

Recently we have also started with a massive re-writing of the online course descriptions. To date two of them are ready, being Beyond Mortality and the Art of Dreaming (you can see that one below).

We thought to share this with you here as there are a lot of freebees to get from these descriptions and previews, including the first day of the online course, to give you an idea of the depth and scope of the course.

Help wanted
To make these descriptions complete, we are looking for testimonials by people who have done these courses. Did you like the course? What did you learn? How has it changed your daily life or how you view life? So, if you have done one of these two courses and would like to share your thoughts, we would love to hear from you. One month long we will be collecting all the testimonials about these two online courses that you send in and in the end we will choose “a winner” and give him or her a free download of an online course. This price at the end is meant is a little encouragement to send in your ideas about these courses (also, this will be publicized in the upcoming newsletter).

Help along, write along! Send your testimonial of Beyond Mortality and/or the Art of Dreaming to niels@almine.net. We will keep you updated on the diary of the winner and of course you will see the testimonials in the description page of the online courses.


The Art of Dreaming

The Art of Dreaming and the Lemurian Scrolls of Indecision – Online Course

A Deep Shamanic Quest to Clear the Burden of all Previous Incarnations

24 Day Course in PDF and MP3 Downloads


Preview the first course day for free (free download)

Listen to a 6 minute audio taster of different parts of the Art of Dreaming course to get an idea of the scope and depth of the course:


This profoundly shamanic experience, in which art and music is used to bypass the tyranny of mind, is laden with life-altering insights, including…

  • The use of the first two levels of the Lemurian Clock in bringing about the depth of living that allows us to move beyond the two-dimensionality of daily experience, to a life rich with shamanic insights.
  • The knowledge that has kept the ancient Lemurian Toltecs – known as the Tlavati – immortal for several thousand years.
  • Knowing where the true power source of life lies – within the deep subconscious levels of humankind – and learn how to access it by speaking its non-cognitive language.
  • Understanding why the dream symbols that Toltecs have gathered for thousands of years, only work for the 12 shallow dream states of man, and not beyond.

In studying this, the first course in the Lemurian Trilogy, participants become a cosmic proxy. By clearing the 24 cycles of their past lives, they heal the duality of dream states and awake states. A great service is provided in the overcoming of duality, recompensing participants with increased consciousness and the potent shamanic skill of walking between the worlds.

Also see the other two parts of the Lemurian Trilogy: The Lemurian Tablets of Life and Death and Saradesi: The Fountain of Youth

Table of Contents

Day 1: PDF – Introduction, Understanding the Different Types of Dreams
Day 2: Audio – the Art of Dreaming: 11:56 minutes
Day 3: PDF – How Our Dreams Speak to Us
Day 3: Bonus PDF – Messages from the Crop Glyphs
Day 4: Audio – Meditation: 13:56 minutes
Day 5: PDF – The Lemurian Clock of the Depth of Living, Lemurian Animal Archetypes
Day 5: Bonus PDF – Meaning of Dream Symbols
Day 6: Audio – Introduction to the Poetry of Dreaming
Day 7: PDF – From the Scrolls of Indecision, Petroglyphs from Inside Ayers Rock, Lemurian Writings
Day 7: Bonus PDF – The Wisdom of Animals, the Healing of Animals
Day 7: Bonus PDF – A Message from Selbelechvi
Day 8: Audio – Origin of the Battle: 11:52 minutes
Day 9: PDF – The Secrets of the Trees
Day 10: Audio – Organs and Skin: 11:41 minutes
Day 11: PDF – The Scrolls of Indecision, the 7 Paradoxes of Living
Day 12: Audio – Tumultuous Stillness: 8:39 minutes
Day 13: PDF – Going Beyond Ascension
Day 14: PDF – The Inner Sun of the Earth, Ascension, the Concepts of Deep Contentment
Day 15: Audio – Black Swan: 10:03 minutes
Day 16: Audio – Language and Speed: 9:06 minutes
Day 17: PDF – The Scrolls of Indecision, the Nurturer’s Inner Child, the Restoration of the Magical Life
Day 18: Audio – Tyranny of the Organs: 09:08 minutes
Day 19: PDF – The Story of the Cosmic Child
Day 19: Bonus PDF – The Realms of Arulu
Day 20: PDF – A Prophecy from the Inner Earth
Day 21: Audio – The Anger of the Infinite: 12:53 minutes
Day 22: Audio – The Wall
Day 23: PDF – 24 Sound Elixirs for Freedom from the Dream, the Tlavatli of Mexico Share Their Time Capsule
Day 24: Audio – Heart of Humanity: 10:16 minutes

24 Sound Elixirs
12 sound elixirs for the masculine dream cycles: each 2:42 minutes long
12 sound elixirs for the feminine dream cycles: each 2:00 minutes long
Meditation for Poetry of Dreaming: 1 hour

Bonus section
Bonus Audio: An Interview with Almine: 1 hour
Bonus Audio: Messages from the Crop Glyphs: 1 hour
Bouns Audio: The Formation of Illusion: 1 hour

Many belief systems around love and light
Have obscured their true nature from human sight
They are the languages from the head and the heart
Causing illusion between the masculine and the feminine part

~ Almine (Day 7 bonus section of the Art of Dreaming online course)

About Almine’s Online Courses
Almine’s online courses take shape as a result of her daily experiences. As she travels the mystical realms of within, the worlds without, accesses the sacred libraries of earth and converses with all kinds of different beings, deep secrets about creation and spiritual evolution are unveiled to her. The results are her courses and books. Every single one of them is jam-packed with mystical information, insights to change your life and invitations to step into a life of mastery by integrating the secrets revealed.