Self-Reliance – Not Asking The World To Understand

The fifth installment of our ongoing series of the seven supporting attitudes of ascension is that of self-reliance. You can read our previous post regarding such an attitude -poise- here. If you are particularly interested in the topic of ascension, … Continue reading

Time – Where the Destiny of the Cosmos Hinges on the Moment

After posting the main ascension attitudes of Love, Praise and Gratitude, it’s time to share the seven supporting attitudes. The upcoming weeks these will find their way to the blog and perhaps become an integrated part in your daily awareness. … Continue reading

Grateful For Our Last Easter

Radio Show In this radio show Almine takes us on a deep journey into personal awakening. What is the effect of practicing gratitude? What is the role of martyrdom and how do masters deal with physical pain? Join to hear … Continue reading