Work as Duty or as Play?

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Businesses Are A Blessing Spell

The Ring of TruthWe are in a good mood today and thought it would be really nice to share a white magic spell with you. Hailing from the book The Ring of Truth, it is a spell in the Mother’s language and represents a form of very potent white magic.

A gift from the Mother they surely are
To the ones She has gathered from near and far
To restore the balance of power and light
To heal and uplift, to do what is right

White magic they are, newly restored
Hidden from cycles of darkness before
They’re given this day, both ancient and new
Create through the heart and they’ll work for you

The Spell
1. “Businesses are a blessing to all connected with them in any way, producing the best products and services possible.”

“Abachvi u stretvaha barash vespi gresh-stanava u bechspiustava tre ba uklava hista praunat trava es bastava prauvit”

Stay tuned to the diary, for in the next few days we will give two more affirmations in the Mother’s tongue. White magic that is pretty powerful! Do let us know if you have any preferences in area’s where you would like to receive these spells. Children? Abundance? A loved one? Experiencing spiritual growth? Leave a line in the comments section.

Cannot wait for the other posts with spells? Download Almine’s The Ring of Truth and discover 100 different white magic affirmations. And if you do manifest something beyond your imagination we of course would love to hear about it.

A hundred affirmations I give you
Their sacredness known but to a few
The profane will see them as worthy of naught
But you alone will know their import

Read spell two here.

The Mantra

The MantraHappy Easter everyone! For many it is a long weekend or even a short holiday. We hope you enjoy yourselves.

For when you do eventually go back to your job, we share this little gem of an insight by Almine to bring along with you…

Keeping Yourself Small

As usual, during the Copenhagen retreat a lot of deep insights came to Almine and the gathered students. To give you just a little idea, here is a subject we discussed at the beginning of the retreat.

On the very first day of the retreat, Almine asked us to examining our own lives for examples of where we have “made ourselves small”, to fit in with the tribe. Be it the tribe of family, work, friends, society or humankind in general. Some examples included were the following:

  • Creating dependencies in our lives
  • Compromising /avoiding conflict
  • Allowing energy drains
  • Being ‘Mr Nice Guy’
  • Not speaking your truth
  • Fear of being labelled or judged
  • Playing the fool
  • Avoiding interaction with others / fear of being alone
  • Being loyal to others
  • Procrastination

You can use these examples to look at your own life to see where you yourself are still keeping yourself small and not yet living from your largest identity: A being as vast as the cosmos, having a human experience.

“The three day Copenhagen retreat with Almine has just finished, and what an incredible experience it was! The whole class transfigured to a place beyond silence…..combining the masculine (Body), feminine (Soul) and neutral (Spirit) into one”.  ~ Fiona from Ireland

Almine made a daring statement during the retreat, which a lot of our fellow travelers on this epic spiritual adventure would love to hear: She is not going to hold back any longer conveying the depth of information she receives from the unseen realms, holy libraries and the Infinite. She is able to convey deep, deep information that can totally transfigure the listener. However, the information can be so profound and on the cutting edge, that it only sounds nonsensical to the mind, simply because it cannot grasp the depth of the information that is being conveyed. It is only possible to be heard by the inner senses, those that work in a non logical fashion. The mind not being able to cope is a reason why during retreats, she has always held back a bit. On a scale from 1 to 10, during a retreat (where the people gathered already undergo great changes from the information she brings forth) she would only go to a depth of about a “6″. A book would be a 5 to 6 and an article about a 4. This is of course just to give you an idea. Well, she has declared to not hold back any longer. She can go all the way to a “13″ level of depth of information and will begin to add this to her retreats… and we are invited along for the ride.

To give you an idea of the kind of information that speaks on a deeper level than a “6″, beyond where the mind can follow, take a listen to our free sleeping seer’s recordings here. It’s also a great reason to check out our new store!

Seeing Work And Creative Play As One

Angelic Wheel 72

Arektu-plahabi (Wheel 72)

The positive principle of angelic wheel 72 (Arektu-plahabi) is:

Seeing work and creative play as one.

In this wheel you can see the ancient Naga language in written form. This language was spoken by Lemurian Naguals as they took their cosmology to other parts of the world. Their is still a library in Kanassa in the Himalayas where Naga is taught. Note its similarity to ancient Hebrew and the language of the Rosecrusians, shown in the examples below.

Also, take a look at the angelic wheels numbers 70 and 71 in our posts from a few days ago.

Ancient Hebrew

Ancient Hebrew Sample

Rosecrucian Language

Rosecrucian Language Sample


Creating The Quality Of The Journey

Angelic Wheel 71

Klasanek-vrabi (Wheel 71)

The positive principle for angelic wheel 71 (Klasanek-vrabi) is:

Knowing ourself to create the quality of the journey.

This is our second post on the new angelic wheels that are coming forth through Almine. Yesterday we posted wheel number 70, alongside more information regarding these wheels. More in-depth information is soon to follow so keep checking back with us. Or leave a comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject or any other on our diary!

Song of Wheel 71


Timelessness Through Complete Surrender

Angelic Wheel 70

Ireknespahur (Wheel 70)

An outpouring of Angelic information has recently begun to be received by Almine. There will be 300 wheels such as these given, of which today we will post number 70 and tomorrow number 71. Each wheel represents an archangel and the principle they embody. These specific wheels embody the dissolving of identity through activity; our defining ourselves by what we do. The other area these wheels dissolve, is the concept that work is the cause and we are the effect. That our lives are at the command of work, instead of the other way around.

The wheel in the Naga language dissolves self-importance of how necessary we are to the work, while in fact we feel self-pity about being enslaved to it.

The positive principle of wheel number 70 is: Timelessness through Complete Surrender

Song of Wheel 70

The Way of the Windhorses (part 1)

The ancient Lemurian records from the first period known as the Way of the Windhorses*, currently being translated by Almine

Lemurian Writings 1Almine’s wisdom on virtually any topic is legendary. Visitors come from around the world to fill their cup from what appears to be her bottomless font of knowledge. Her wisdom is spoken without preceding thought, and her translation of ancient records is done similarly from mindlessness.

The staggering amount of work she accomplishes was something to observe. I asked her if she would produce a translated piece just for this book and if I could observe the process first hand. She explained that there were thousands and thousands of scrolls and tablets – how many did I want?

We settled on whatever she could write in a few hours that I could observe. She indicated that she would translate from a set of Lemurian scrolls that were very small, about 8 inches long when rolled up, not counting the end knobs one holds on to.

She said she would copy two pages of it (the first one you can see in this post) so I could see what the glyphs look like. I asked her if she had translated that particular type of writing before. She answered: “No, these little scrolls are some of the oldest I’ve found – from the first period of Lemuria – that’s why I chose them. I thought they might be interesting…”

The second part of this interview with Almine will be posted tomorrow… stay tuned!

* A Windhorse is like a Pegasus, but with the horn of a Unicorn – it is a symbol of mastery.