Rose Fairy

In day 15 of Ask Almine Anything 5, Almine explains the mechanics of interdimensional phenomena, as displayed by the Rose Fairy in the photo above. Almine then relays the message from this fairy about the DNA Rose: Ask Almine Anything 5 : The DNA Rose : Photo by Barbara A.

About Divinity Quest

In this sample from Ask Almine Anything 5, Almine answers a question about Divinity Quest – the god magic divination deck, received from the angel gods. Read more on the store : Go to the Divinity Quest forum :

Resurrecting Wild Woman

“We must resurrect Wild Woman and stir within us – through a deliberate choice of perspective – the adventure… The sense of adventure comes from a choice. And the choice is that we choose to look at life not as a burden, not as a hardship, not as a maze that we have to find… Continue reading→

Reclaiming the Cosmic Underworld

Almine begins her discourse on the reclamation of the cosmic underworld – the subconscious mind – by elaborating on the realities and subpersonalities of Pristine Humanity and the God Kingdom. She also explains the importance of ‘the big questions’, asked by lightworkers and truth seekers, in steering the direction of life. This is the first… Continue reading→

Godhood Isn’t What It Used To Be

In Principle of Godhood #134 Almine shares why godhood isn’t what it used to be. From Almine’s Entering Godhood 3 2nd Post Today

Calling the 999 Angel Gods of the Cosmoses

“We invoke the 999 Angel Gods of the cosmic matrix, the cosmos of opposites, to sweep before them all that which traps the old belief systems and contracts and ghosts of the past, to eliminate the geometries of static form.” – Almine In this 45 minute closing gift of Entering Godhood 2, Almine calls the… Continue reading→