Almine’s Prediction for the Year 2013

Almine wishes to thank all those of you who sent her your very loving messages for the holiday season and her gratitude to all those who sent gifts as well. Below you will find her predictions for the upcoming year. Enjoy!

2013 – Herald of Change
The nature of change can be either cataclysmic or a graceful metamorphoses from one level of existence to another. Cataclysmic change comes from the surface and forces us into re-evaluation and the eventual adjustment of core beliefs.

Graceful change is precipitated by a deep and profound shift of core attitudes and beliefs. This foundational adjustment filters into the surface experiences of everyday life, resulting in graceful and supported change.

The future is written in the moment. If we abandon the moment by fearing or anticipating the future, we forfeit the priceless gift of the moment. We lose the ability to not only determine the quality of our existence, but the way in which change will occur – with grace or cataclysmically.

We are standing on the cusp of a deep core shift in cosmic and planetary existence. This will most certainly filter through into the surface conditions of everyday life. Whether we experience these changes with grace or trauma depends on how fluidly we can synchronize our deep, inner change with the profound and fundamental changes taking place at the heart of existence.

Understanding the Fundamental Changes

  • We have been part of linear change as a way of life for eons of existence – this is about to change. Linear change causes deterioration in all circumstances unless we constantly feed it energy to maintain ideal conditions. This principle is called inertia.
  • The peak condition of the body, or a relationship for instance, deteriorates without constant efforts of renewal. Linear change is like an echo bouncing off canyon walls – it becomes weaker every time it changes direction. The canyon walls can be equated to cataclysmic change that forces life into a different direction. Cataclysms cause shock, and shock lowers consciousness by creating a loss of life-force and energy.
  • The way life changes from one expression to the next throughout the cosmos will become a starburst, rather than a line bouncing off the membranes or matrices of space.
  • The movement of life within a confined space is the experience of linear time. The space is formed by the limiting belief systems that confine our experiences within matrices. The effect of exponential, starburst changes at the heart of life, is the shattering of layers of matrices. This changes not only the way time will be experienced but also produces instant freedom from old belief systems.
  • Previously, changes came from cataclysms and opposition (the canyon walls). The result was deterioration in the quality of life. The changes at the heart of existence will now come from rapture, and will release profound energy and life-force (supported change) to the surface conditions of everyday life.

How to Create Graceful Change in Our Lives

  • As the cosmos transcends the principle of inertia, one of the core griefs of man can be healed: The belief that our output (effort) always exceeds our input (rewards). It is now possible to flourish and to achieve results more effortlessly – embrace this belief. Replace doubt with glad expectations. Repeat the daily affirmation: I flourish by releasing old expectations.
  • As the gap between cause and effect closes, thoughts and feelings will more rapidly manifest. Be aware of your fears, but immediately redirect your attention to their opposite manifestation: If you fear lack of resources, acknowledge your fear, but immediately pour energy into the visualization of abundance coming into your life until what you fear seems unreal. Do not pretend that negative emotions aren’t present – one strengthens what one opposes – but rather withhold your energy from them by redirecting it elsewhere.
  • Live with deep awareness. Slow life down and take a few pauses in your daily activities to appreciate deeply your environment, other people, the Earth and your many blessings. Gratitude brings increase and self-appreciation. By allowing yourself to be inspired by your environment, your life becomes revitalized.
  • Attuning to the unfolding core of existence through gratitude, love and praise, creates peak orgasmic experiences of the body (sexuality with another), the soul (emotional rapture such as that inspired by art, music or deep love), and the spirit (through praise resulting from the recognition of the perfection unfolding beyond the appearances). These create starburst experiences that shatter old matrices and birth new possibilities.

Areas of Change During 2013

  • The economy will in all likelihood, not return to ‘normal’. The debt-ridden society and shallow value systems never were ‘normal’. The trend will move us into seeing wealth in a different light and eliminating the wastefulness that results from neediness taking the place of gratitude. It will reduce complexity and restore sharing simple pleasures with loved ones.
  • More people will gravitate to alternative and holistic healing, organic food and self-sustainable lifestyles. The mistrust of authority will grow and a movement towards taking back self-sovereignty will result.
  • Many will seek to relocate in rural areas if they can find an innovative way to sustain themselves. Violence in inner cities will put pressure on families to return to spiritual values.
  • The increase in heavy-metal toxicity and geopathic stress from cell phones and computers will increase certain diseases, while simultaneously; humanity will become immune to other diseases. Immunity against HIV will begin to manifest among children.
  • The environment will fight back to restore balance to the Earth. Weather patterns will continue to be disrupted. Miraculous improvements in the water quality of some of the major rivers of the earth will occur. New species will be discovered.
  • Humanity will begin to evolve into a higher form of expression, becoming a new race with enhanced capacities. Extra-terrestrials will continue to keep their distance, but sightings of their ships will become much more open and frequent.

Chiharach nenestu uklet bivarechspi araras. Enes blihuvrasat eklevi piharet spereruchvi.
From increased pressure the babe leaves the womb. At the end of time man shall become renewed.

~ As translated by Almine from the Lemurian records of Hanasat

Acknowledged as the leading seer and mystic of our time, Almine is a gifted teacher and lecturer. She has gained a large international following while traveling the world delivering her empowering, life-altering message. She is also a prolific author and many of her books are translated into multiple languages. Her online courses range from mysticism and self-mastery to shamanism and cutting-edge alchemy. Much of Almine’s information comes from her renowned gift as a translator of ancient records.



  1. Adriana says

    Thank you so much for publishing this uplifting message for the new year. I have already found a few days ago how the shifts have happened in my life too, and continue to happen. What seemed a difficult lesson at first which I had to learn regarding my work environment, turned out within moments to be an event focussing my attention on huge potential all around me, and the knowing within me that music teaching privately away from my security, the school where I teach, was now completely in my space.
    The message was further illustrated in my environment. A yellow weaver bird, who has lived in my garden for at least two years now, is building one nest after the other, and acquiring more and more females ‘moving in’ – the utmost abundance possible. I found it interesting that him being yellow for me, signify the arts, in my case music, and that it is through self-expression – that was the interpretion this message which ‘fell into my space’. I started laughting out loud – it is one of the most gorgeous ways in which my environment enhances the direction in which I am to flow effortlessly.
    With Praise, Gratitude and Love, and very best wishes for a wonderful and creational new year to all my precious Light Family members, Adriana

  2. Patricia says

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this Niels! I am finding that things resolve themselves more quickly, and that turning to an attitude of gratitude very quickly dissipates any doubts, fears or feelings of limitation that may crop up. I’m feeling much more empowerment and peace. And I love, “I Flourish by releasing old expectations.”

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. says

    In my healing practice I am finding that “graceful change” occurs instantaneously in the learning of the lesson, then the knowing of it without having to live thru the lesson to really get it. It is in the knowing that metamorphosis occurs. And most delightful is that learning and expanding are happening more gently and more filled with joy and love of learning.
    Thank you for all your continued sharing. Brightest blessings for this new era blossoming.

  4. Niels says

    This article was first published in magazines, thus the little extra excerpt at the end of “who is Almine”. Hope you enjoyed the read.

    Team Almine

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