Almine is Back from the Future

The Seer Almine is traveling back from her week in seclusion and will be reaching her home in Newport this evening. Her journey into the future was highly successful and she has gathered a wealth of information on how the future unfolds.  Continue reading→

A Synopsis of the Future (2020 & Beyond)

The Messages from the Future event in Moscow will consist both of communications received from the future Almine of 2953 AD, and the practical methodology of time travel (which has changed for a resurrected being). All information brought back by Almine pertains to issues and problems that participants will be given the opportunity to shift or damage control now, thereby optimizing the future of planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Themes include: Continue reading→

A Crack in the Face of Time

“I have uncovered tremendous secrets about time for a resurrected being” – The Seer Almine
In this podcast, Almine tackles the advanced metaphysics of stacked Timemaps to explain why the theme of the upcoming Moscow event had to be changed. Continue reading→

The Lion’s Gate

Do you have any comments about the opening of the Lion’s gate portal, August 8-12, 2016? To recap: It’s an annual stargate event linked to the rising of Sirius above the horizon of the Northern hemisphere… Continue reading→