Music for Wild Woman

The essence of wild woman hasn’t changed, even though the way it is interpreted and expressed evolves. There are four musical pieces that come to mind… Continue reading→

No Point of Arrival

An essential attribute of mastery is the recognition that there is no point of arrival, and that the purpose of the journey is enjoyment of a never-ending procession of moments. Continue reading→

A Silent Retreat with Almine is Available to You!

If you’ve ever considered attending a silent retreat with Almine, dreamed about it, or even attended such a retreat…we have some very good news for you! We have several spaces available for retreats through the end of 2016! Cost to register: USD$750.00 (your deposit holds your space). Balance due 8 weeks prior to retreat: $USD$1,250.00… Continue reading→

Cosmic Detox

Today you and I will be detoxing. Huge cosmic purification going on… Started in the night… Could manifest as headaches (drink lots of water), skin irritations and sweating. Continue reading→