2017: A Volatile & Challenging Year

We will in the new year be required to step into our role as the sacred government, with extreme dedication and commitment. The good news from the future is that in a matter of decades, hunger will be a bad dream of the past. Continue reading→

A Note to Healing Drought on Earth

Today, the Google home page shows an illustration of rain ☔️ pouring down on a chap in a raincoat and a tophat. It was mentioned to Almine and she asked that we post this reminder to everyone of our efforts to balance our water resources and heal the drought… Continue reading→

A Message from Almine about Emotional Healing

Although I have frequently said that the Belvaspata sigils never need to be upgraded, since they evolve with life, new sigils for Aravespi Stra-Unat (for emotional healing) are being received and will be available wherever this particular Belvaspata is available. The reason for this occurrence is as follows: A few of our lightfamily are starting to live from the Immaculate White Light Reality… Continue reading→