Private Retreats with Almine 2017

A private retreat with Almine… The ultimate experience for those serious students who wish to fully immerse themselves in what can only be described as life-changing and beyond any words! Click here to read more details… Continue reading→

A Note to Healing Drought on Earth

Today, the Google home page shows an illustration of rain ☔️ pouring down on a chap in a raincoat and a tophat. It was mentioned to Almine and she asked that we post this reminder to everyone of our efforts to balance our water resources and heal the drought… Continue reading→

Almine’s Christmas Wish List

We asked ALMINE what she’s asked Santa Claus to bring her for Christmas. Her answer surprised us …

” I asked for a bottle of High Heart fragrance. Its ingredients are by far the most costly for us — and difficult to get. So because they were always in short supply, I didn’t dare ask for a bottle of my own. The ingredients are only obtained from countries where the exchange rate isn’t favorable to the dollar, but Spiritual Journeys has just paid thousands of dollars for a bottle of one ingredient. Now that there’s a supply, yes I’m asking Santa! The oil effects me profoundly and others around me always love it too. It’s an incredible fragrance and a blessing to have — especially at this time when the higher function of the high heart is needed for resurrection.” Continue reading→

The Love of My Life

We asked Almine to share with us another aspect of her life she is grateful for… she sent us this photo of a letter from her daughter Jaylene, that she has framed. ‘It speaks for itself’, she said. Continue reading→

Happy Thanksgiving from Almine

Message from Almine Today is a very important day for our American Lightfamily: it is Thanksgiving — a day of giving thanks for the many blessings, and especially to spend with family. I will always remember with gratitude what a spectacular global family I have; how you stood by me with love and support during… Continue reading→