My Birthday Wish List

Almine’s birthday is October 25th When asked what she would like for a gift, she replied: I so appreciate the prayers and blessings of my light family in helping me recover. There have been many miraculous healings occurring. All body functions seem normal (my walking still wobbles a bit, but my speaking voice is at… Continue reading →

Angels by Jaylene

During the weeks my Mother lay in a coma, the many happy memories I had of my life with her, we’re a comfort to me. I hope you enjoy this video tribute I made for her with love, Jaylene Continue reading →

Changing the World

Through insight does the heart change. When the heart changes, so does your world… ~ Almine (Excerpt from the upcoming book, Bridge of No Time.)

Almine Speaks

I want to thank you for the healing and many prayers I have received from you in loving support during the months gone by and also would like to give you a bit of an update. Continue reading →

The Commitment to Life

Q. Is there any reason other than belief systems formed from social conditioning, as to why death has such a foothold amongst humanity? A. The first reason is guilt. The body, soul and spirit struggle for supremacy and control in our lives. While alive, the body is in control. Spirit tries to tell us that the body is an unholy and unworthy vehicle for our existence. Thus, we try and prove that we are worthy of life… Continue reading →