Work as Duty or as Play?

Do you like these kinds of little images? Check out Almine’s Pinterest and Facebook pages. If you are more of an aphorism person, do check out the book titled “Seer’s Wisdom”, with many hundreds upon hundreds of her best insights, densely packed into thought provoking aphorisms. Almine’s Pinterest boards Seer’s Wisdom Facebook page Almine’s Facebook… Continue reading→

Businesses Are A Blessing Spell

We are in a good mood today and thought it would be really nice to share a white magic spell with you. Hailing from the book The Ring of Truth, it is a spell in the Mother’s language and represents a form of very potent white magic. A gift from the Mother they surely are… Continue reading→

The Mantra

Happy Easter everyone! For many it is a long weekend or even a short holiday. We hope you enjoy yourselves. For when you do eventually go back to your job, we share this little gem of an insight by Almine to bring along with you…

Keeping Yourself Small

As usual, during the Copenhagen retreat a lot of deep insights came to Almine and the gathered students. To give you just a little idea, here is a subject we discussed at the beginning of the retreat. On the very first day of the retreat, Almine asked us to examining our own lives for examples… Continue reading→

Seeing Work And Creative Play As One

The positive principle of angelic wheel 72 (Arektu-plahabi) is: Seeing work and creative play as one. In this wheel you can see the ancient Naga language in written form. This language was spoken by Lemurian Naguals as they took their cosmology to other parts of the world. Their is still a library in Kanassa in… Continue reading→

Timelessness Through Complete Surrender

An outpouring of Angelic information has recently begun to be received by Almine. There will be 300 wheels such as these given, of which today we will post number 70 and tomorrow number 71. Each wheel represents an archangel and the principle they embody. These specific wheels embody the dissolving of identity through activity; our defining ourselves… Continue reading→

Work As Duty?

Vibri-unar-sklava It does not matter how many hours you work if there is creativity, passion and excellence being expressed; work has changed from duty to joyous life.

The Way of the Windhorses (part 1)

The ancient Lemurian records from the first period known as the Way of the Windhorses*, currently being translated by Almine Almine’s wisdom on virtually any topic is legendary. Visitors come from around the world to fill their cup from what appears to be her bottomless font of knowledge. Her wisdom is spoken without preceding thought,… Continue reading→

Is Work Dictating You?

Klivabrahutspanu Do not let your work dictate the pace of your life. Dedicate time slots in which you respond to its demands. In this way it does not become the master and you the slave.