How You Can Prevent the Death of the Pacific Ocean

Messages of Hope from the FutureBeloved Ones,

I am asking you to stand by my side, as we once more fulfill our role as the planetary sacred government.

Here is what we we need to change:

  1. The Nuclear Reactor meltdown that happened in Japan, continues to shed nuclear radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean every day – it is foreseen to do so “in perpetuity”. No person or machine can enter there because it is too hot.
    All the countries around the Pacific rim are severely affected — including Oregon where I live, all the way down to the tip of South America.
  2. Eventually this will circulate through all the Earth’s ocean and seas. The Pacific will die and be unable to sustain life unless we change this. I no longer am able to feed my family seafood (the seafood radiation on our coast has gone up by 300%).
  3. They are keeping this a secret so as not to cause panic, while exploring the colonization of Mars – which will be disastrous, as I’ve explained in previous material.

Removing Emotional Pollutants

What to Do:

  1. We are the Holy Ones of the Earth. We cannot allow our emotions to become hostile and polluted. We have to save the waters of the Earth by removing that which pollutes the way we see life.
  2. We can no longer watch the sensational bad news on our TVs, YouTube or other news media. Nor can we find the dysfunctional entertaining in movies and television.
  3. We can no longer marvel, or feel repelled by, the rotten parts of mankind’s behavior. If we look for the bad, we will surely find it.
  4. Let us seek out the inspirational, the beauty of nature, the excellence of man’s achievements. Even though we are aware of man’s foolishness, let us search for the good in him, even though we may choose to interact sparingly to avoid being ensnared in his belief systems.

This will take a firm commitment and a concerted effort. Please help me do this task. It is ours to do.

With love and respect,



  1. Antara says

    It certainly is for us to do. Not coinsidentally around the time of this message I was very disheartened with some corruption that had come to my attention. It felt like pollution when it seemed I was living more and more the magical life. This false view of life can be seen for what it is, illusion, spiderwebs covering the Rembrant painting as you have described Almine.
    It is our priviledge to purify our life and our environment by correcting our thoughts. Thank you Almine for your tireless work and for the guidance that has had such incredible value and impact in my experiene.

  2. tallulah bleu says

    Thank you Almine for the urgent warning and remedy.
    Deep appreciation to you dearest one for uniting us in this prophecy.
    I am with you.

    • Larry Coupal says

      Thank you so much for keeping us in touch with what is really happenning to the Pacific ocean. We must be very careful. Love and Joy. Larry

  3. Lynette says

    I have wondered about the effects of radiation from the meltdown, thank you Almine for revealing the extent of radiation pollution. I had to read your message several times to hear what you actually asked us to do – not to allow our emotions to become hostile and polluted and to remove that which pollutes the way we see life. I am committed to this inner and outer work. You have listed steps to follow also – thank you. I have been aware of my strong negative emotions toward several political figures and those who support same, but never confronted it within. I must realize the direct consequences of my emotions and can no longer allow my polluted emotions to pollute the waters of Mother Earth. That you again Almine for your strong messages of late. With love, gratitude, praise to you and lightfam.

    • m says

      Paul Stamets, the mushroom man, has a fix but is not being taken seriously by government…And Simon Parkes, connecting consciousness, is curbing the hadron collider, and being attacked for it. However, everything changes to positive timeline now that Trump has predominated. Rectifying these atrocities will come easier and faster now. Keep doing your good work, because it has worked!

  4. Zen Williams says

    Thank you Almine for this information and Yes I will gladly do all that you ask of us . Much Love Praise and Gratitude.

  5. Ernest Guindon says

    I am very thankful you are bringing forth healing energies toward our oceans. The worst info I have is [1 ]a brilliant physicist and mathematician reported a sophisticated math model showed Fukushima to be an extinction event at 99.99976% liklihood, and [2] Leuren Moret, radiation expert in a YouTube interview with Alfed L. Webre, said Mossad installed the Stuxnet virus into Fukushima computers to prevent backup shutdown systems from working just prior to the disastrous event. Fukushima was a manmade disaster, designed to fit the depopulation scenario by the superwealthy controllers. To me this means working to help heal the oceans is working to help heal the hearts of man toward world peace, and allow life to live fully on Planet Earth. Thank you God, thank you Almine, I am grateful.

  6. Sakirah Jaunbocus says

    No worry Almine, we are all neutralizers of negative energies and pollutants, we are violet flame beings, our mere presence can cleanse the air, water and earth as well as people we are with. When we choose to be all that we are, we can perform miracles just by our good thoughts, good intent, purity of our heart and pure intentions. Grounding and centering ourselves and doing the spells of Incorruptible white magic everyday really raises our vibration and no ill can touch us or our surroundings. I have complete faith in source holy will that the oceans will be purified and cleansed in no time.

  7. Chris says

    Facts about the impact of seaborne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster as it has been detected on the West Coast of the United States can be found e.g. here:

    Be alarmed or be at ease at your own discretion.

    I prefer to be confident that Oceans are beings too vast and too old to seriously be affected by this human inflicted radiation.

    Hopefully, observing Almine’s recommendations will solve this challenge, too. A practical and very feasible first step indeed is getting rid of all TV sets. Life is so much better without them.

    All the Best

  8. Kathleen Frances says

    I am fully with you on this Almine!
    I now live in Hawaii and continuously sending
    love and healing to the life-giving Pacific.
    The Lighted Way has created a Presence here
    with The Infinite Mother flowing through~
    Blessings and Love to you always~

  9. ChristinaT says

    Absolutely! I live at the Pacific Ocean also as I love the water but have yet to go into it. I love seafood but was getting sick too much and stopped eating it. Thank you for sharing the situation is much worse that we thought. Will work on this diligently and whole heartedly! LGPT

  10. Marisa says

    I feel this immensely, I am so sad to hear this. Tears shedding. I absolutely take up this calling in full self responsibility.
    Thank you so much Almine, for all that you are, unconditionally giving, loving guiding Luminous Light, Anutiama, such deep love we have for you❤

  11. Tina says

    Thank you Beloved One. I seem to have been working on this since we did our work for the drought..and will continue, until it’s clear. I will stand by your side..along with the others.

    With love and respect to you as well..

    • Tina says

      Also, this is perfect timing for us because my mom’s birthday is next Friday (13th) and what she wanted for her birthday was to go to the seafood buffet at Spirit Mountain and have a delicious dinner. Now, we will find something else to eat. Your message has helped us to prevent putting this radiation into our bodies. What a blessing! So grateful for you Beloved Infinite!

  12. Else says

    I am so sorry to hear about this, I will certainly do my part for purification, and will do Arasatma to purify the oceans of nuclear waste. Love, Else

    • Ginette says

      You may also find this article and meditation from Tom Kenyon beneficial, as well as the Sigil to Heal the Earth in the Book of Runes p62.


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