Music Of Inner Space – Song Of The Fauns

While recording Sound Elixirs and Earth Chants last Tuesday, Almine began to receive the Music of Inner Space. The first song – Song of the Fauns – you can listen to here. The mysterious connection between the Fauns and inner space is something that Almine will be looking into soon…

Update 28th of April 2012
In the track below Almine explains the relationship between the Song of the Fauns and fragrance alchemy.

Find out more about the Oils of Enlightenment and fragrance alchemy in our post here.

See our post with the second Faun Song here.

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  1. Paola says

    This wonderful music transports me to a magical place, it soothes my soul and leaves me in a wonderful tranquil state. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve replayed it. Part of me doesn’t want it to end…exquisite.

  2. Jane Barry says

    Thank you Almine and team for this lovely gift. I’ve been playing it all night for the last few nights as I wear my mystic t-shirt! What deep relaxation! Luxuriating in a beautiful cocoon with no walls. Rise and shine has a completely new meaning for me….

      • Jane Barry says

        Hi Niels,

        Spaceless space in a boundless cocoon…. cozy comfort opens out… effortless participation allowing observation too. Deluxe garments indeed, enhanced even more by the new mystic tee open equation. Often painful form eases fluidly and gracefully…. the inevitable next step more apparent..

        My mother and I are both doing the chronic disease program and we are having a lot of fun, helped along by the T-shirts no doubt. We are detoxing with graceful ease, exploring all the different food preparations including kefir-making, sprouting grains and seeds and culturing vegetables… much new terrain and potential for overwhelm! The glorious toolkit or rather JEWEL kit from Almine is certainly smoothing our way.

        My mother, who is in her 70s, barely knows anything about Almine but is wearing her t-shirts (she has the Belvaspata and the Saradesi t-shirt) day and night because she feels good in them.

        I’ve been doing Belvaspata, especially BVP of Oneness, with her since we started on the programme with subtle but also profound effects. She has a limited income, but only this evening she told me that she has stopped worrying about money and knows that the resources she needs will come. The tone of her voice has completely changed and she uses words she rarely used previously. After a particular session during which she was far, far away, she awoke delighted, completely refreshed and excited… using words like ‘exquisite’ as she held the basic BVP book exclaiming at the artwork and the picture of Almine on the back.

        It is difficult for us to have in depth discussions about the work of Almine due to my mother’s hearing impairment, but the power of Belvaspata and all Almine gifts is way beyond words or explanations. I can see/hear/feel her gradually embodying the Pure Emotions without any obvious cognitive engagement or preparation. It is so inspiring! My relationship with my mother has changed completely as we work together.

        Thank you Almine and team for all the extraordinary gifts you give. I didn’t enter the ‘Give Almine a Hug’ competition but goofy as it sounds, in our t-shirts, we’re sharing hugs with Almine everyday. Lucky us!!

        Love, Praise & Gratitude
        Jane & Jenny (my mother)

        • Niels says

          Jane, that was awesome. And the idea of giving Almine a hug by wearing the t-shirt is great. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Noor says

    Thank you Niels for making this available as download. Makes my heart melt. I echo Dhani’s comment…it evokes the image of a butterfly or moth for me coming out of its cocoon for the first time and encountering the newness/magic of the world. Deeply touching. Deeply Resonates with me.

  4. says

    As the last pearly white whisps of morning fog lift to welcome the dew kissed dawn, a gentle breeze sways almost translucent veils apart, beckoning ever forth……………

    With much Love and Appreciation for Almine and the A-team’s tireless dedication.

    • Niels says

      Dear Anne, it is good to see you here! I hope you are doing well. Thinking with fond memories of our times in Dublin.

      • Jane Barry says

        Hello Anne,

        Great to see you. I also met you in Dublin a few times. I believe you even made cookies on a few occasions. Will you by any chance be in Amsterdam this year?

  5. ana says

    I play my sound elixir often, and now I play my Chant, which I absolutely love, and when you think it can’t get any better we are delighted with the Song of the Fauns – thank you for the many presents. I feel indeed like a kid in a candy store 🙂

  6. Dhani says

    This is really helping the whole fusion process integrate and expand. Feels like a butterly opening its wings for the first time. Still a bit wet but able to open the wings. The wings have to dry before first flight. Looking forward to first flight:)


  7. Branevic says

    when I hear this music it was as if a massage was send to me to remember me
    that we are on the most important journey of humankind,our mother world,the cosmos and all beings in it and beyond it are rejoicing this event.It is as if I am in a magical super peacefull hall among all those beings enjoing it, in a very tall spaceship speeding towards our goal. I am Very gratefull Almine for the massage

  8. Robin says

    Ahhhhh! So Stirring! I feel the lost connection to the fauns and it makes my heart ache. Then I feel their patience longing to reconnect and it is uplifting and inspiring. Thank you Almine for all your wonderful music, but this especially resonates at this time!

  9. Annita says

    Thank you Almine for the graceful, serenity filled music, with eternal love taking my heart and captures it in de greenery of the forest.

  10. Lydia says

    As I listen to the music the burning pain in my hands stills and I am a cool forest that is alive with quiet!

  11. Hollys says

    I am walking through an enchanted forest. Magic is in the air – I can see it, feel it. Everything is alive and so vibrant. A door opens and I realize that I am within. This magic, this heaven is within me. Words can’t express my heart-felt gratitude for this gift. Thank you. Thank you.

  12. justis says

    I feel like windows are opening up inside my form. A sense of peace yet expectation, excitement. A welcoming. I know i’ll be releasing a lot now. Thank you Almine for this beautiful gift to all of me.


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