Seeking Cooperation With Life – A Glimpse Into The World Of Toltec Nagual Shamans Pt. 5

Another episode about the new concepts for Toltec shamans since their age old tradition began to change from 2006 onwards. It’s a big post, so treat yourself to some highly insightful spirituality!

Clarity versus Meaning
The average person sees the nature of reality as static or fixed. Life to him is like a maze through which he somehow has to find his way, using the concept of truth as a guide. This is why many are so dogmatic, or even fanatic, about their belief systems of what is true and what is not.

The spiritual warrior sees life as fluid. He knows that any belief system will put him in a cage while the fluid river of life flows by him. He strives to cultivate a life of no expectations, and instead of trying to understand the aspects of change that arise before him moment by moment, he simply cooperates with them. This perfect fluidity prevents him from falling prey to the addiction many have of needing to know or understand, an addiction born of fear of the unknown.

The warrior doesn’t seek truth or understanding, only the clarity to know the next step in his fluid cooperation with life. Truth is not absolute in that it describes a set of rules to follow. In its broadest sense, truth is that which reflects the nature of the Infinite. The warrior knows that, as a facet of the Infinite, he is created from the very fabric of truth. Truth is what he brings forth from the authentic core of his being.

He does not search for meaning, because from his vantage point, he cannot understand the vast moving forces that can be grasped only by the Infinite. To attempt to do so would be to assign labels to the unknowable, trapping him into taking life at face value.

But by following his heart as it responds in the stillness of his mind to the ever-changing current of life, he watches only for his next step. He watches for clarity in how to respond and contribute to the fluid unfolding of the universe. He knows that he need not understand, but only cooperate, because understanding requires a fixed frame of reference which is not available in a cosmos where every thought changes the direction of the river.

Social Conditioning
The programming inflicted on beings from birth is the greatest bondage in existence. It dictates how life should be lived and tries to put life into labeled boxes, reducing the great adventure of the discovery of self to mediocrity and boredom.

Social conditioning is the attempt by man to hold onto what he thinks of as sanity. He fears he might lose all frame of reference to his own identity within the vastness of existence. To let go of all social conditioning will eliminate identity. But it is not the loss of identity that is madness, but rather having identity in the first place.

When we let go of our conditioned identity, we find the expansiveness of our awareness. Within this expanse, we play many roles. Identifying with any of them is to attempt to put the ocean in a bucket.

To avoid social conditioning, the warrior questions everything and observes the origin of his every decision and action. In this way he sees whether they originate from the authentic wellspring of his soul or from the fixation on a worldview imposed by others.

The Path of Knowledge
In previous creations, blind spots of untruth were encoded into our DNA, forcing us to find truth ‘outside’ ourselves by studying it in the mirrors of our environment. We then internalized it by turning it into experience. This process turned the quest for knowledge into a struggle.

Those blind spots were removed for every being when we entered this creation. Everyone now reflects the innocence and purity of the Creational Mother’s being. We no longer have to wrestle with the exterior circumstances of our lives to find these insights.

The knowledge we have sought has always been the knowledge of our own being. That has not changed. It is no longer obscured, but is readily available through the heart. Knowledge gained without is no longer internalized through experience. Instead, the inner knowledge flows through our hearts as a knowingness to be externalized as experience. The direction of the flow of knowledge has reversed.

There is no longer anything standing in the way of our gaining all knowledge in an ever-expanding capacity. Our silences allow the bountiful stream of knowledge of the Mother to flow through us. The knowledge of the Infinite is held in the perception aspect of awareness. Awareness in turn responds to love, praise and gratitude.

Knowledge therefore flows to us through these attitudes and is felt through the unique lens of our individual heart. When it is externalized by our living experientially our heart’s desires, we study in each other (remember, others of like energy are now entering our environment) that which we are.

The process of gaining knowledge has become painless and much easier.

Intelligent Cooperation With Life
Since there is now no separation between the etheric or indwelling life aspect of our existence, we have merged with our higher selves. Toltec Shamans called the cooperation with our higher selves the intelligent cooperation with life. Matter has become spiritualized. It has become ‘real’. There isn’t a higher self any more as we knew it, nor is there a script or destiny to follow. Where then does our guidance come from and what is there to cooperate with to live and create our highest truth?

We have eliminated the need to go through the ‘middle man’ of our higher aspect to receive information from our highest self – the individuated awareness that spans all of existence. We have joined forces with that higher self and now receive directly from our highest self the pure emotions of the Infinite. This comes to us as desires through our hearts. Now the path of listening to the promptings of what makes our hearts sing is all we need to live at our highest level.


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