Song Of The Fauns – Pt. 2 (Free Download)

As some of you may know, last week Almine began to receive the Music of Inner Space. The first piece of this music – Song of the Fauns -, turned out to be quite popular with the readers of our diary. You can listen to it here.

Today we share the second Faun Song. By popular request it is also available as a download. We hope you enjoy it. Leave a line in the comments section to tell us what it does for you.

Update by Almine
As last week’s Faun Song was to strengthen the effect of the Fragrance Alchemy (listen to Almine explain this connection in the second audio clip here), this second Faun Song is to strengthen the effect of the Occult Apparel t-shirts.

2nd post today.


  1. E.Km says

    Recently I received my sound elixir, and when I played it I felt chill running through my body. It was truly wonderful, but when it ended I felt “Owwwww please be longer!” LOL! And the next day I come here, only to find the Faun Song! And then Faun Song #2!
    I’ve been listening to my earth chant, sound elixir, faun songs and they seem to have one overall theme. All of them are so very beautiful and precious, and my deepest gratitude to Almine. Thank you!

    • Niels says

      This is great to hear E.Km! Glad to hear you like your sound elixir so much, we will pass the message along to Almine.

      Team Almine

  2. Niels says

    Both the Faun Songs were just played on the most recent Awakening from the Dream show, as were some of your comments mentioned. Thanks for leaving your experiences here. They are an inspiration.

    Team Almine

  3. Niels says

    So, has anyone been listening to these two faun songs combined? What was the experience like for you?

    Team Almine

  4. Fiona from Ireland says

    This wonderful piece of music speaks to the depth of my being…..I love it!!
    In love, praise and gratitude, Fiona from Dublin

  5. Steven says

    after i listened to it i was lead to one of almines youtube videos where she talks about the genie and the master, i felt very close to the genie story as if i have lived it, Has almine ever met a genie before, are they actually real

    • Niels says

      Which Almine youtube video was it, Steven? Do you have a link for us?

      If genies are real? I would not be surprised if there are creatures that have had interactions with humans, which turned into legends, which turned into fables and stories. If they are able to grant you wishes, genie-style? I’d say you are giving your power to the outside world in that case. Still, I am open to being surprised and know I live in a spontaneous unfolding and magical universe, where anything is possible.

      Team Almine

  6. Lydia says

    I listen to Almine’s singing and it always takes me someplace new. This one uplifts my whole being to a beautiful place of serenity!! Thank you Almine!! I love you!!

  7. justis says

    Amazing, i feel like every cell was filled and the song was emanating from the cells. Then everything pulsated my throat felt like i had a physical heart in it at the base of the throat and it was beating powerfully. Then the releasing from my whole body. WOW! again Thank You Almine 🙂 from the depth of my self in deep gratitude for this gift and blessing. I will be listening and bathing in this elixir the rest of this evening. I will be listening to this one also very often. I am in awe of the One called Almine. Words fail to say more.

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