The Cosmic Timemap for All ?

The Cosmic TimemapQuestion:
Can you explain why everyone should have access to the Cosmic Timemap and mantras?

Almine’s answer:
Everyone is collectively affected by the flow of awareness (which is time), through the cosmos during the coming 355 days – the cosmic year. I feel strongly that if something affects everyone it is theirs to know. The Key must also be given to help them know which square on the Cosmic Timemap is which day on the Gregorian Calendar. With some basic knowledge they can track what influences are at play in which day. Secondly, the Cosmic Timemap is a very powerful sacred object… long sought after by mystics. Having it in your home assists with the graceful unfoldment of your life.

What are the daily mantras?
There are mantras – positive statements you repeat and incorporate into your attitudes for a given day – and aphorisms. The aphorisms are realizations; a mental perception change to ponder. The quality of each day is described by its mantra or aphorism. Again, it affects everyone. The highest choice therefore is that everyone should have access to it. The challenges of the day, as well as the inner changes that need to be made, will have something to do with that day’s mantra or aphorism.

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  1. Dean says


    How does one get the daily mantras? It’s not part of the downloads. Did I miss something?

    • Rogier says

      Hi Dean, the mantras are part of the personal Timemap product, but you can see the day’s mantra in the sidebar of this website.

  2. RJ says

    Hello 🙂

    There is a bit of the Cosmic Timemap which we are onto now and have been for a few days (day 70 to 76 and elsewhere) that is sort of an island unto itself. That is, whereas all the other lines are connected to the center of the map, this bit is not but swirls separately. Is there something to comprehend from this?


  3. Cheryl Merritt says

    Thank you Almine for bringing this forth for all of humanity. Such a priceless gift of love within the unity consciousness of what we are. I am most pleased that all will have access and not just we who purchased a personal Timemap.

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