The Cradle of Civilization

The first cell to develop from which life was formed is a heart cell. The first sound to be heard is the pumping of the heart cell. The body of our cosmos (the tube torus) had a first cell from which all others came – the Earth.

Almine’s Note: Many records from several hidden libraries have indicated that life began on Earth. The Lemurian Records of Life and Death call the Earth:

Panu Arukna Veresh
The Cradle of Civilization

The word Pana or Pan is often used as the root for the word Earth in ancient languages.

The Earth pulsates like a heartbeat through the cosmos. The tube torus of the cosmos lies around the Earth as its center. Where the outward and inward movement of the vast cosmic tube torus begins, is where the central little sun (called Klanivik) of the Earth lies.

From Lemurian Science of Peace (now also available as a paperback physical book).

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