Most Powerful Experience of My Life

Back in 2013 we had our first ever ‘Caribbean Treasure Hunt’ where people could enter their “Almine treasures” to win a Caribbean cruise during which Almine would be holding a spiritual retreat. The winner of the treasure hunt was Ailsa from South Africa, and today we share a little insight on her experience during the cruise. Great to hear you had fun, Ailsa!

Winning the ‘Caribbean Treasure Hunt 2013′ & going on a cruise with Almine!
“It was the most wonderful experience of my life to meet Almine in person during the cruise retreat on board FREEDOM OF THE SEAS. Thank you for this opportunity. My heart still leaps for joy at the thought! And spending a week with our magnificent light family was life-changing and empowering!

During the classes, my awareness was stretched and yet I felt as if I had come home. I also had the chance to ask Almine some questions which I had been longing to ask her for years.

The cruise itself was luxurious and the visits to the various islands were such a pleasure and so exciting.

Heartfelt gratitude to Almine for the competition, and to Niels, Sandra and Tim for all their kindness and support.” ~ Ailsa M, South Africa

Treasure Hunt in 2014?
This year there will be another treasure hunt, with the possibility to win a Caribbean cruise. This time around the entry requirements will be a bit easier, so prepare yourself to join in soon and perhaps win, just like Ailsa, the trip of a lifetime!

A New Adventure on

As many of you might have heard already, Almine is very busy behind the scenes to create a format where you can walk along with her and see the world through her eyes on a day to day basis. This new adventure is going to take place on

In the run up to going live with this new website, you can already subscribe to get little previews by Almine. The first of those previews will be sent later this week. Just hop over to and leave your email address to receive and to keep on receiving updates and insights on this new adventure.

Seeing the World Through Almine’s Eyes

Looking back
The last 4-5 years Almine and all of us in this community have been working on online courses to give their insights roots into our daily lives. Thus, we have been working on perception a lot.

Looking forward
Now, it is time to progress to a new level – and we’re excited about it! We are calling this new level the ‘living library’, where we capture the magic of Almine’s world as it happens and share the world through her eyes. This will be a graduation from the course platform into a very fun, very spontaneous situation, where Almine will share things ‘fresh’ and ‘as they happen’ (and FYI it will be a lot cheaper than the courses too). This is going to be happening soon and we are still very busy with putting everything together, but Almine is looking forward to this new direction. Even though it feels like we are leaving behind a trusted friend that has brought us to the place we needed to be, we are now ready to embark on a whole new adventure.

Stay informed
To stay in the loop with little previews and updates of what we are going to do, you can subscribe on the site where it is all going to happen: Every once in a while we will send you a little note, audio or video of how we are progressing, so that you will get a feeling of what it is we are building. Again, that is

Almine’s older online courses
Some of Almine’s older online courses will stay available, even with the new platform. See which and find out about the huge discount on many courses in our post here.

Looking Back on 2013 and Ahead to 2014 – An Interview with Almine

In this interview Almine shares;

  • A look back on the monumental changes in 2013.
  • Her ‘Relationships as Temples of Initiation into Mastery’ course.
  • Growth through inspiration, opposition, grace and support.
  • The end of linear time - is it an event or process?

This audio was first shared on Almine’s Awakening from the Dream radio show, this past Saturday.

Tip: New Interview with Almine on Awakening this Saturday

A quick little tip:

Listen to this upcoming Saturday’s Awakening from the Dream radio show to hear a brand new interview we just did with Almine in which she looks back on 2013, and talks about where we are now and where we are going. Other topics she goes into in-depth are the different forms of growth, the stopping of linear time and what the Calendar of Oneness really is. Brand new information you haven’t heard from her before, this Saturday 4th of January on Awakening. Airs from 11 am – noon PST and a rebroadcast from 6 pm – 7 pm PST on

Almine Loses Her Form

Typically, when teaching a class, Almine travels between realms, returning with previously un-accessed mystical information. Such traveling occurs in the blink of an eye. In the process Almine has difficulty maintaining her form. This photo captures her form melting, bending and dissolving. Taken by Sandra Saradesi at the December 2013 retreat. A big thank you, Sandra, for taking and sharing the picture.

This photo was originally featured on Almine’s

27 States of Nature (From Russia with Love 2/3)

Listen to this recording of Almine in which she shares a meditation on the 27 states of nature to awaken evolutionary possibilities.

From Russia with love! This audio is taken with a hand held recorder during the 2013 Moscow retreat with Almine. It has both her and her translator in it. Although this is not the quality that you are used to by Spiritual Journeys, we nonetheless felt that the information was good enough to share. Enjoy!

This is the second of a set of three audios from the recent Moscow retreat that we will be sharing in the upcoming weeks, here on the diary. The first recording can already be found in this post here.

Almine’s Birthday

Even though you may have let the concept of linear time go, that’s no good reason not to celebrate your birthday! So, today we say happy birthday to Almine! In honor of this, we have 2 exciting announcements:

1: Gratitude Solution
Lately people have been asking how to give back to Almine for all the things she has done to change lives the world over. Team Almine has taken this question to heart and is working on a ‘gratitude solution’, as we speak. More information is to be announced shortly, but we thought it to be a great idea to already share that this is coming soon on her birthday. To find out more about this initiative, visit this thread on

2: Online Courses Discount
Also, with birthdays go gifts. And as a gift to all of you Almine is giving a discount of 50% on all of the courses that can be found on the online courses page of Spiritual Journeys Store (except Entering Godhood 1, 2, 3). Just enter the coupon code BIRTHDAYCOURSES at the checkout and you will get the discount. Great for the upcoming holiday season as a gift to a friend, or to yourself!

So, to summarize:

  • What: 50% off almost all courses on SJ Store
  • Where: Online Courses Page
  • When: Discount code is available from Oct 25 – Dec 25, 2013
  • How: Use the coupon code BIRTHDAYCOURSES
  • Why: Because of Almine’s birthday and the upcoming holiday season

After the 2 month period, ending December 25th, the discount will end and the prices will return to normal.

Second post today

Mysticism on a Plane – Almine at Work

A peek at what Almine does in an airplane…

Here she is creating the wheel of the angelic orders for the angel god government in the magical realms.

Almine experiences great revelations on airplanes because it is symbolical of perceptional changes on Earth.

Keep up to date with Almine and receive little snippets like this video, but also weekly insights, meditations and much more by subscribing to Almine’s newsletter:

The Sleeping Seer – Part 2

In 2009, Almine went into a trance so deep that at times, she ceased to breathe. In this astounding, advanced metaphysical experience, the One Life speaks through her, revealing amazing information about the Cosmos.

The 2 parts of the Sleeping Seer series are bonus parts of the Science of Immortality online course. Yesterday we shared part 1, so also check that one out.

This audio is also featured on the free section of store.