Satchevispata: 7 Wheels of Peace

Satchevispata wheels

Satchevispata – Blessing Your Home by Making it into a Sacred Space
Satchevispata is the method of healing, purifying and safeguarding the sanctity of your home and property. It can be done for others or yourself. The sacred ceremony can be performed in a small area of battlefields, or wherever trauma has taken place.

Download these 7 wheels here.


Important Note: 
The seven wheels of peace are a part of Satchevispata practice. The complete user guide for this practice will become available on from Friday July 25th and onwards. I Am Presence is a paid subscription blog. If you wish to join to find the complete user guide, please visit for July, here.

​These seven power wheels that are part of the practice ​​are Almine’s gift to you. For a general idea on how to use these wheels and all other wheels by Almine, please listen to this audio and read the accompanying text.

Question: How do I work with Wheels?
Answer: A wheel is a visual image that conveys non-cognitive, sacred and empowering information. They are similar to gateways through which specific healing frequencies are drawn and are power sources in the same way a holy object would be.

The wheels are alive and as we work with them they provide us with deep insights into the vastness and wealth of our own being, reminding us of all that we are.

Each wheel is a stand-alone wheel and can be used by itself. When wheels are used in a sequence, they tell a story and combine to make an equation.

Mystical practices have a beginning and a closure. If you are working with a sequence of wheels, do not stop in the middle as it leaks resources and energy. For this reason it is important that you always complete each sequence.

To access the information contained within the wheels at a deeper level you may place your hands on the wheels or run your hand across them — the left hand is receptive and the right hand promotes understanding.

Lying down, you may also place a wheel at your feet and upon contemplating its meaning, bring it up through your body from your feet to the Lahun Chakra 10 inches above your head. If a wheel feels ‘stuck’ anywhere, continue to feel the quality of the wheel until it moves freely. If you are working with a sequence of wheels, ensure that the highest numbered wheel is at the bottom and the lowest numbered wheel is at the top. Work with one wheel at a time and fully integrate one before moving on to the next. As you do, also contemplate how the qualities of each wheel combine and complement the other wheels within the sequence.

Possible Uses for Wheels include:

Meditate on a wheel.
Place on the walls of a healing space, office or a room in which you spend a lot of time.
With intention they can be placed into the body or placed directly on the body.
Specific wheels can be placed under a healing table when working on someone or under a chair that you frequently sit on.
Create your own personal mandala that you carry with you.

Oneness is Unstable (The Functional & Dysfunctional Feminine)

In this 10 minute video Almine shares the startling revelation that there are flaws within the much sought after state of ‘Oneness’. She explains how the feminine can become totally dysfunctional and needy, and what a balanced, functional feminine actually looks like. We highly recommend this video. It’s part of Almine’s ‘Perpetual Alchemy‘ video discourse on I Am Presence this month. Enjoy!

Freedom of Mankind Ceremony 4/4 – Awaken and Restore the Higher Harmonics of Man

Ceremony for the Restoring the Harmonics to ManThe last of the 4 ‘Freedom of Mankind’ Ceremonies

Join in with the last of the 4 summer ceremonies made available by Almine to help mankind step into a new reality.

After the first 3 successful ceremonies in the series of 4 for the freedom of mankind (Tools of Freedom from Mind Control and Effects of Nano Technologies on June 13th and the Summer Solstice Ceremony on June 20th/21st and the ‘Sleeping Ceremony‘ on July 5th), we now invite you to participate in ceremony 4:

The Ceremony to Awaken and Restore the Higher Harmonics of Man

On Saturday, July 19th we will do this ceremony. If you would like to join in, here’s what you need to know:

Keep on reading and download all the materials you need on the events page.

Meditation to Dissolve the Story of Your Life

In this handheld recording from one of Almine’s private retreats in the summer of 2014, a deep meditation is given. Subjects include:

  • Entering the Haaraknit
  • Working with the black waters of Kalima
  • Dissolving the story of your life
  • Hope and illusions

At the end of the meditation Almine asks you to help with sending your prayers to the Eastern Ukraine where light family members are in a desperate situation.

For more information and a sigil to work with for the Ukraine, see this post here.

Today’s second post.

A Critique of Almine’s Art


Art Critique of Almine’s Work by Dr. Ingrid Gardill, Art Historian and Co-author of Internationale Kunst Heute 2014

The works of the artist Almine have been described as “Paintings of Light”. Indeed, it seems as though the images are lit from behind. The fluid, abstract shapes therefore may be said to resemble stained glass windows, highly color-intensive yet translucent. This effect makes the images expressive, adding to them an inner luminosity. Almine plays with the dissolving form and composition of colors. Sometimes there are intricate, scale-like layers of monochromatic color, that unexpectedly collide with another contrasting color value, often revealed as great harmonious and balanced fields, encompassing the visual experience. The possible combinations seem endless.

Almine uses her photographs as a starting point, which she then digitally enhances. Through her art, she seeks to free her audience from their visual and mental limitations by presenting to us that which has been forgotten in the course of our ordinary lives: the language of the “dream body”, which exists beyond imagined boundaries. Therefore, her art is referred to as “precious windows into eternity”. Her unique visual language does, in fact, elude any rigid definition, allowing for a deeper perspective. The dance of the fluid forms with their translucent appearance and exciting color scheme, gives the observer the opportunity to delimit his previous experiential horizon, if he lets himself immerse into these intriguing Paintings of Light.

- Dr. Ingrid Gardill, Art Historian

(Translated from German)

Blessings for the Inner Child

Outer Child – Inner Child
In this ‘golden oldie’ from Almine’s archives she gives a blessing to 3.5 week old Jacob. This blessing is both beautiful to listen to and something you can share for your own inner child.

Although this blessing was a gift to this wee one, the pebble dropped into the pond still ripples out today and we are so very blessed to be able to hear these sacred words once again.

Whether your inner child needs to feel this loving welcome from Almine or not, just being a part of the emotion that fills the void will surely help us birth into the new reality.

Recently we shared another golden oldy here on the diary about celebrating humanity’s greatness. You can find that audio here.

Keep an eye out on where soon we will announce the possibility to access almost all of Almine’s 15 year long audio archive. Or, subscribe to the newsletter to be kept in the loop that way.

Other Materials

Celebrating Humanity’s Greatness

Recently on I Am Presence, Almine again made the case that oneness is no more holy than separation. So, today let us pause for a moment on our spiritual journey and take a step back to see and celebrate the connection we hold with humanity itself, instead of only focussing on the higher realms.

As Almine has mentioned, no where in the cosmos will you find a race that is doing what humanity is doing, or who has the potential that is ours. We are the solvers of the problems of the universes. Having an emotional body, a physical body, a mental body and countless more, we are so enriched with capacity and have experienced advancements far beyond the imaginings of our star brothers.

Heroism is an example of the greatness of humanity. Where other races stay in bliss and stagnation, in the inherent awareness of Godmind where everything is perfect no matter what, humanity goes into polar opposites and it is here, in the heroism of an every day life, that what humanity is made of shines through.

Listen to this ‘golden oldy’ from Almine’s archives from circa 2002 where she shares a story of her children’s ancestors and explains one of the reasons humanity is so extraordinarily amazing!

As a little side note, we are busy putting together a huge audio archive of Almine’s recordings over the last 15 years. This will soon be available in one form or another, most probably on I Am Presence. We are quite happy with how it is shaping up to be, in that you can really tell the progression in understanding and growth Almine has gone through, by listening to these recordings. However, we are wondering what your thoughts are on such an archive. Let us know in the comment section below!

Also, don’t forget our sleeping ceremony, tomorrow. Find out more here and join in!

Sigils for Grounding (Free Download)

Sigils for GroundingIn one of our most recent newsletters, we released the sigils for grounding of the left and right foot. Today we are also sharing them here on the diary.

Download the sigils for grounding here.

These sigils are part of the preparation gifts of the upcoming Ohio retreat, later in mid-July. This is one of Almine’s oldest retreat locations that is bound to give a great experience this year as well. The theme of this year’s Ohio retreat will be 3rd ring shamanism, so if you are interested or want to meet Almine, be sure to give our facilitator a message via

Extra tip: On the download page above you will also find a link to download the painting of light for the dissolving of inner hierarchies. If you are interested, be sure to check out that download page.