Little Updates

Today we have a few little updates to share. Let’s get started!

New hour long interview coming soon!
First off we had an encore broadcast of the nearly hour long interview that Almine did with Lauren Galey, airing on our Awakening from the Dream radio show this past Saturday. We share it here again as a preparation for the airing of a second and brand new interview with Almine, that we will release somewhere this upcoming week.

Listen to the first interview here

Find more Awakening from the Dream radio shows here


Cruise discount extended
Discount on cruise cabins has been extended! Instead of the discount ending on August 28th, the cruise company has extended our discount period on cabins to September 12th. Contact our facilitator Tim for more information or check out the description page for Almine’s ‘Cruise of Miracles’.

Contact Tim:

Cruise of Miracles description page


Feedback on t-shirt give-away
In one of our latest newsletters, Almine gave away a few of her mystical apparel t-shirts. Here is the response of one of the lucky winners:

I wanted to say – wow nice t-shirt – I got it in the mail today and much nicer than I expected (really like it) – love the colour too… Thanks so much, Lynda

Coming Soon: 2nd Edition of the Labyrinth of the Moon

Labyrinth of the Moon 2nd Edition - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon: 2nd Edition of Almine’s Labyrinth of the Moon
with 4 of the 7 new sets of runes!

The second edition of this book has been expanded to include extra verses of the Poetry of Dreaming, wheels of the Atlantean Angels and also includes a much-expanded list of interpretations of dream symbols. It is a valuable tool for opening up the communications of the deeper dream states, promoting the healing of the psyche, the body and facilitating the balance of the Inner Child and other sub-personalities.

Prodded by a spring shower, a little pond tumbles over
the edge of a cliff on its way to the sea, only to return
again with the next spring shower.

Designed to release the hold of past incarnational cycles, it is an essential companion for practitioners of Shrihat Satva Yoga.

Also included are Ancient Runes from sacred libraries of the Earth – providing a valuable tool for daily guidance.

Ebook and paperback version expected to be available next week on

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Cruise Discount – Last Days to Act

Carnival PrideAlmine’s Cruise of Miracles has been announced and until August 28th we are able to get a big discount on cabins. So, if you want to join in, now is the time to act. Visit the description page for more information or connect with our facilitator, Tim:

Visit the cruise page

Connect with Tim for the discount:

Update September 01: Discount period on cabins has been extended. Discount now available through September 12th. Contact Tim for more information.

Testimonials Miracle Competition
We also wanted to share the feedback from two of our three Almine miracle stories competition winners, Doris and Holly, who won the cruise:

“I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am to find out that I won. I’m literally shaking right now and feeling so humbled by it, this is beyond my wildest dreams, to win a cruise with Almine, whom our community loves and respects with the highest regard. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Doris

“My name was drawn for winning the Cruise with Almine 2015 (insert joyous dance and tears)! I am over-joyed that I will be able to come on the Cruise. I have been very interested in coming, and my heart dances just thinking about it, but I needed a miracle to be there physically. And here it is. A miracle.” ~ Holly

3rd Day Out of Time for 2014 – September 9th

Wheel Calendar of OnenessIntroduction
For your calendars! This upcoming September 9th (a Tuesday) is the third day out of time for 2014. Here is the information from the event page on

Day Out of Time
As Almine puts it: “…on a day out of time, your reality becomes non-physical, even though you might not feel the difference. You can set big trends in motion and shape the quality of unfolding trends. These days are of importance.”

“The best way to spend a day out of time is to not be in doingness. Be as much in silence, peace and aloneness as you can. If you need to be with others, take little snippets of time and dream. Dream how your life would be if you had all the resources and support you could have. Dream in the future. Listen.”

“A day out of time gives a great opportunity to affect the way events in your life unfold beneficially. The frequency of the day is higher, and therefore in another plane than other days. The most potent way to change the quality of your journey is to change your attitudes (frequency).”

As Almine makes clear, this day out of time really isn’t a day for doingness, but much more for beingness. As such we are not organizing a grand event. This event page will be open if people want to share their thoughts and feelings, as will the chat. This event is meant more as an invitation and reminder to seek quiet time and inspiration than to gather large amounts of people interacting on Ascension.

For more information, listen to day 7 of Ask Almine Anything, part 5: or this short interview we did with Almine about days out of time on I Am Presence:

Days out of time 2014:
1st February
23rd May
9th September
22nd October
4th December

Days out of time 2015:
9th January
23rd March
16th July
14th August
13th November

Earth’s Resurrection – Almine’s Update of August 19th, 2014

In this recording from August 2014 Almine recounts our recent attempt to go into the higher stages of resurrection.

She talks about, among other things:

  • Resurrection of Earth in May 2012 vs. resurrection in August 2014
  • Moving through the triangle of life, death and ascension
  • Stepping into transcendence and co-creating life
  • Getting of the flat disc of life and stepping into godhood
  • The resistance of the cosmos to the Infinite
  • The combining of the Ida and Pingala

Find out more about this massive move in these posts here and here.

Almine covers a lot of ground in these few minutes, so we advice to listen to this recording multiple times to get the most out of it.

Uniting Inner and Outer Space

Message from Almine
It’s an exciting moment…

The cosmic event of uniting inner and outer space is being initiated here on Earth on this Saturday August 16, 2014. It is a tremendous opportunity for those with humility in their hearts to be proxies for this event.

Also, see our post of August 8 on this website for more about this momentous cosmic moment, The 2nd Resurrection of Earth August 16.

For this monumental day we don’t want to distract you with big ceremonies. We ask that if you feel so inclined, to feel in yourself what this means for you and approach this day with reverence, gratitude and joy – creating your own ceremonial space within your being. If you do want to work with a power object, we suggest working with the sigil of angel Menekvi, mentioned in the Secrets of Dragon Magic – Hadji-ka book. In that book, Angel Menekvi, the angel of Oneness of Spirit, is used in the ceremony where we merge spine, pranic tube, Ida and Pingala. In the ceremony, he is asked to merge Ida with Pingala. In Russia, Almine suggested to the participants of the Russian retreats to focus on this sigil for this resurrection day.

Angel Menekvi

Update August 19:
See Almine’s newest recording with an update on the resurrection of Earth here.

Winners Almine Miracle Story Competition

With gratitude in our hearts for all of you sharing, we announce today the winners of the Almine miracle story ‘competition’. From all of your entries we blindly picked 3 winners (yes, 3! Almine wanted an extra winner).

They are:

  • Doris Cutknife – Hobbema Reserve, Canada
  • Andrey Goncharov, Russia

And our extra winner is

  • Holly Stockwell, Ohio, USA

Carnival PrideBelow we will share their stories. A big congratulations to you, Doris, Andrey and Holly, and a big thank you for all who have participated. The enthusiasm and amount of responses that we have received have far exceeded our expectations. Thank you for reminding us of the magical perspective and even though you may not have won, perhaps you will still join Almine on her ‘cruise of miracles retreat‘ in the Caribbean, this January 2015. By the way, discount cruise prices are still available through August 28th – connect with Tim for more information:

During my first retreat, Almine activated my ability to speak languages. Words flow from my mouth now. They express as words, chants and songs. I can consciously ask for a language to come forth and other times they bubble up to hover within my mouth until I let them out. Most of the time, I don’t understand what is being said, but I always feel them. Some languages make my inner child laugh and giggle with delight or my feet dance. Some open and heal my heart with tears. Other languages fill me with profound and deep awareness of the Oneness of all Life. As Almine has said, each language changes our perspective whether we understand what is being said or not. I have let go of any need to translate – a huge step in releasing the tyranny of the mind.

Many times, when a language comes forth for my Mom, I can translate the message into English, even if I don’t under what is being said. Each language is sacred and I am humbled that this is an expression of my being at this time. I treat each experience as the miracle they are.

I want to share about my miracle blessing. In November 2013 I attended Almine’s seminar in Moscow and right afterwards I was also supposed to attend the “private” retreat, but due to circumstances, I was not able to. During the time of the retreat, I had a dream: Carrying flowers, I walk into a hall where people are sitting on chairs and there is a table. I understand I am at Almine’s retreat. I put the flowers into a vase and sit in a chair. Almine comes in and sits down, talks about something I don’t remember, and then calls for Andrey. I understand she is calling me, but I look around in disbelief, very surprised, with lots of thoughts in my head: “Why me?” I go up to the table and sit down. Almine smiles and with both hands takes a rose bud, carries it to my left shoulder and hangs it on my collar. But instead of a rose on my collar, a sigil appears, just like the Belvaspata sigils – maybe it is an angel sigil, maybe something else. But after this an unbelievably great wave of bliss, happiness and joy washes over me, my legs buckle under me and I can’t walk, I don’t want to talk, I only laugh and giggle. I try to move my arms, and it seemed very funny.

Almost all the rest of the time, my friend carries me like a sack of potatoes – either on his back, or his shoulders, or under his arm. He tries to stand me up on my feet, but I laugh and giggle in bliss and happiness and I slide down or collapse when he tries to make me stand up, and I can’t talk out of happiness. He is very displeased with my behavior, we walk outside on the street, then inside someplace to a store or museum, people start to look at us funny, which makes me laugh even harder. We go into a theater and my friend says that he has had enough and goes away and leaves me. For some time in this state I watch a play on the stage with great pleasure. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ALMINE – unfortunately, I cannot express in words the gratitude and love that come from my heart.

My son-in-law went out onto the back patio around 11:30 p.m. last night. He noticed a minuscule light in the area near my house and he watched it for a while. Next thing he knew, there were other ‘lights’ and in his estimation, there were hundreds. He noticed one of these ‘lights’ flew above the rest and at lightning speed, sped across. He was pretty amazed by whole thing and he couldn’t figure out what they were. I’ve been reading “Arubafirina” and wondered if that had something to do with what he saw. I told him they were fairies and it sure warmed my heart that they appeared! As a side note, I went out to the same spot and was utterly in awe, I SAW THEM too!

Almine confirmed that the fairies were seen because I was reading the fairy book, Arubafirina. When someone is reading the fairy names and the spells, the fairies may appear.

Read all entries on and

Update August 28th: Read responses from Holly and Doris on winning the cruise in this post here.

Free Dream Dictionary – New 2014 Edition

Dream Dictionary
Expanded edition, updated with your suggested dream symbols

By popular request Almine has updated her dream symbology book. Filled with 80 pages worth of symbols to interpret the messages of both the dream and awake time, this is an invaluable tool for your spiritual growth and Almine’s gift to you.

The importance of understanding the language in which the non- cognitive portions of mind communicate to us through our dreams is almost always underestimated. Nine-tenths of the information we’re exposed to each day is non-cognitive. The unknown eludes the cognitive mind and reveals itself instead through dreams, feelings, meditative states and symbols.

Using the dream symbol interpretations handed down through the ages by Toltec seers, this handbook gives the language of dreams that helps us to elevate our awareness, and see the next step in our journey.

Find out more and download the Dream Dictionary for free here.