Manifesting From Godhood – Insights From The Lemurian Angels 3/3

Creating reality
Creating reality from within the human matrix, is the equivalent of a flat, two-dimensional movie screen that gives the impression of three-dimensionality. Creatively manifesting from the god-kingdom is like virtual reality, in that it provides more depth of living and intensity of experience.

This creates intense emotions – a reason why the negative emotions need to be mastered prior to fully functioning from god-hood.

In this third installment of insights from the Lemurian Angels we give you the 5-step manifestation process given directly from these beautiful angels. For a little background information do check out the first and second post as well.

According to the Lemurian Angels of Inner Space, the higher function of the high heart is part of a system of bodily centers that participate in manifesting a fulfilling reality. The chakra of the navel, called the haran chakra, the hypothalamus and all parts of the reproductive system, as well as the pituitary gland, function together to manifest our dreams. The genitals self-inseminate the dream the way a hermaphrodite is able to self-inseminate. Both male and female genitals contain the components of the opposite gender. In each case, one part of the genitals is just more developed than the rest. All aspects of the genitals are used to inseminate our dreams.

Manifestation proces of the Lemurian Angels 
1.  The first step is to envision the dream, using the pituitary, or third eye. Leave it open-ended by just seeing a few elements of your dream take shape. Know that the dream’s fulfillment is far greater than what you can imagine – feel the huge miracles of manifestation beyond what has been envisioned.

2.  Feel a surge or shift, in the
high heart, as it starts to pivot possibilities into the direction of fulfilling the dream. This is the blessing of an activated high heart. It moves circumstances to fulfill our dreams’ intent.

3.  Imagine and feel the navel area open wide to receive your envisioned dream’s fulfillment. Do not try and pull it in. Just open the navel wide and wait in expectant stillness.

4.  Feel a slight energy build up in the genitals. While still envisioning the dream, on the outbreath, imagine the genital energy release into the image, rippling through the image, like ripples through a reflection on a pond.

5.  In the middle of the brain, the hypothalamus releases a wave of determination that moves downward through the high heart, through the navel, and out the genitals. It is like a deliberate release of a hormone, called the manifestation hormone, that a woman uses to start the birthing process. The wave of determination is an electrical impulse, similar to that found in the mid-brain of a caterpillar to start the metamorphosis into a butterfly.

This completes the manifestation process. Enjoy and good luck with manifesting your dreams and desires!

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Accepting the Unacceptable and Emotions as a Tool of Guidance – Insights from The Lemurian Angels 2/3

We are so excited about the upcoming free global ceremony which is a glorious celebration of the Lemurian Angels. Their exquisite music – sound healing of profound depth – will be played as well as recorded audios of their insights in different languages will be presented. The advent of their coming forth and giving us their information and music is paramount for the new reality that we are birthing. Come on over to and have a closer look at what will take place on Night of the Angels!

As a little warm-up, below you will find the second of three posts with insights from the Lemurian Angels. You can read the first post here and the third one here.

Godhormones and human hormones
The angel Kusalanekvravi who presides over the Third Eye Chakra, and Angel Pirach-nanunes who governs the Crown Chakra, tell us that;

‘Most great lights upon the earth are those who are of the god-kingdom and who live among humanity in forgetfulness. They have assumed a human identity for so long, that their song has been using only limited notes for expression. In addition, they have lost their ability to produce the hormones that are associated with the god-kingdom.

The production of human hormones have trapped god-beings in the human matrix, rather than their helping humans evolve beyond the limitations of the human matrix. In doing that, they have entered the competitive human games they do not excel at. This has created self-esteem problems that have further obscured their true majestic heritage.’

Self esteem problems and a deep sense of not belonging, can you relate to that? I can, and so it is with utmost gratitude and respect for these beautiful angels that I went through this profound course of deep spiritual and personal self-development.

As Almine said ‘How often have we tried to dim our light? To laugh, but not too much? To shine, but not too much, that others might not feel envious or be made to feel small? It is time to live these exquisite Attitudes of Exhilaration, so that we might, in fact, fulfill our destiny: to shine so brightly that others, seeing our light, will be led to shine theirs and seek it also.’

How about hostility from others?
Many of us encounter a lot of resistance from others when we try and shine our light, and old programming might dictate to us that we should just embrace the dysfunctionality and turn the other cheek. That as higher consciousness beings we have an obligation to make sure those of lesser consciousness are not left out. But in doing so we often suppress ourselves, thus bringing in hardship in our lives.

The Lemurian Angels explain why. The God-beings made themselves small by disrespecting and abandoning themselves. They saw themselves as the role or mask, rather than the vast being manifesting in all life forms. Others therefore disrespected them too by attacking, ridiculing, excluding or trying to control them. Not remembering their own vast presence, they allowed the disrespect from others.

Accepting the unacceptable is neither loving nor holy, it is dysfunctional. Angel Skiva-nechvi gives us four reasons why the unacceptable should not be put up with:

  1. It empowers itself by holding our attention.
  2. It puts accusers in the role of judge (which strengthens their judgementalness) and you in the role of defending yourself, except no one is really listening.
  3. When we say no to co-dependent control by another, they condemn us. Others are usually turned against us also. This makes others seem unsafe and causes us to want to isolate ourselves. This deprives the many of the beneficial presence of the few.
  4. When higher being (gods) are in a lower reality (humanity) they are archetypal. When an archetypal being empowers dysfunctionality through focus, it strengthens it on Earth.

Almines advices that when difficult people are in our lives, we find the praiseworthy part within them we can resonate with, and emphasize it as a song in our heart when we are with them. We look past the difficult exterior and feel their resonant aspects vibrate with ours in perfect harmony.

Producing and emitting the Godhormone is a key factor in evolving our light and creating a reality where Godbeings and humanity flourish. The Alchemical Fragrant Oils, especially the Goddess Blend and the Blend of the Gods, help resurrect this ability. (You can read more about them in our Fragrance Alchemy store).

But it is not just that we don’t produce it enough, we in fact inhibit its release by holding on to the distorted emotions of pain, fear, anger, guilt or shame, and hopelessness.

Emotions as a tool of guidance 
Seeing the higher function of these negative emotions and using it, removes the inhibiters of the god-hormones’ expression. Gratitude for the gifts they have brought is the beginning of changing their functions to useful tools. Below I have summarized the higher purposes of the negative emotions:

      • Pain: When seen as a guidance system as to what direction we should be moving in, rather than opposing it, we see more clearly, it starts to feel more like pressure and creates momentum of change.
      •  Fear: Instead of retreating due to not being able to fit in or fear of being left out of the tribe, thus not expressing fully, we can evolve it to a way of enhancing our inclusiveness. We retreat into our inner space, our uniqueness, and come out again with a new higher perspective on what we have not yet included in our acceptance.
      • Anger: Shows us where we feel victimized by the matrix. It indicates which part of illusion we take too seriously (making it real by opposing it). The need for anger is replaced by the unselfconscious charm of an open heart, when we move lightly through life, refusing to affirm illusion by giving it importance.
      • Guilt and shame: Can help us find which areas of our experiences have not yielded their valuable insights. When we see the value of our deeds and those of others, we eliminate karmic re-creation of these events.
      • Hopelessness: Hopelessness is the desire to give up; to succumb to defeat. The positive use of it turns it into the guidance system that shows us where in our lives we have not yet surrendered to the Infinite will. Giving ‘up’ can become giving ‘in’ to the Infinite’s will.

The angels continue and talk about how mastering these emotions yield 5 perceptions which are to activate the self-guided, self-determinative abilities of a being who is in the god-kingdom. There are those who were created as gods, and there are those who have graduated into the god-kingdom – something every creature is able to do eventually.

The communication center that steers us in the directions to move into the desired outcome is the high heart. The sigil for the high heart’s activation into this higher function is an alchemical equation of the five perceptions.

So mastering emotions is vital because we can then receive, interpret and broadcast Infinite Intent and create our desired reality. The Lemurian Angels have given us a specific manifestation proces using the high heart and several other organs and systems. That is coming up in next week’s post!

Until then – you can still take advantage of the 50% discount on most courses, including the Lemurian ‘Messages from the Angels’ which this post is inspired by. It will not be available after Feb. 1st 2014. Check out the post here to see what changes will happen regarding courses.


The Root Cause of Overspending

In this selection from the upcoming video course Relationships as Temples of Initiation (Dynamic Relationships), Almine identifies the root cause of overspending as the inability to be abundant with the self.

Dynamic Relationships :

Free Download The Alchemy of Relationship :

An Umbrella in My Eye – Almine’s Personal Journal

Here is a little excerpt from Almine’s personal journal, written during the last Genk retreat.

Wheel for Dissolving Old RegimesMay 9th, 2013
It occurred today. I left the lecture hall in Genk in Belgium, moments after I knew that the old regimes have toppled. The local soccer team had won and there was great cheering and jubilation in the streets. The wave of joyous emotions coincided with the death of the old, and the freedom from obsolete confining paradigms. How perfectly all things work in harmony. How this affects each being became clear during the night. The old regime or government in the body comes from cellular programming and memory. In the past these cells would renew themselves every 7 years, which is why events seemed to repeat themselves in 7-year cycles. The new way of cellular regeneration would be continuously new each second, shaping your body according to your attitudes. Injuries would be able to heal at once if we don’t block them with attitudes.

May 10th, 2013
This morning after the dramatic changes in cellular regeneration, my body felt smooth and new. My skin seems soft and regenerated. On my way to the lecture hall someone with an umbrella reached out to hug me. With her arm around my waist she pulled me firmly towards her. Pulling my eye right into the spoke of the umbrella. It was more than a scratch. I felt the spoke enter the eye. What should have been excruciating was only somewhat painful. The entry of that spoke into the eye, left no wound. Redness remained for about an hour. Injuries this severe are rare in my life. I realized that I had manifested this event to comprehend the significance of instant cellular regeneration. My eyes saw the spoke approaching and my whole body tried to pull away. But it could not really inflict actual harm. That which we see as harmful can never be so. There is only the one benevolent being expressing as the many. This benevolence is the nature of existence and only limited vision can make it seem otherwise. This was the deeper lesson of the umbrella and my eye.

The Evolution of Power (Part 2)

Today we continue with the second and final part of Almine’s article on the Evolution of Power. Read part one here.

There are three different ways of affecting reality indirectly:

1) Through perception
2) Through emphasizing aspects of life with frequency and resonance
3) Through removing obstructive filters

1) The Use of Perception (Transfiguration)
Perception yields power – something light seekers will encounter, whether they are prepared for it or not. The power can be directed through intent, but we will then run the risk of imposing our will on life.

Perception based tools such as rituals, runes, incantations and healing modalities like Belvaspata, can indirectly broadcast intent when accompanied by insights. The focus is on the insight, deflecting it from a specified outcome. A broad intention is set such as: “I enter into the full abundance of my being.” The specifics of how the money and other resources will come, is not focused on.

As the perception removes obstructed vision, the power tied up in keeping obstructions in place is released and directed into the ceremony or ritual, which has been set up for the purpose of broadcasting your broad intention. This mobilizes elements to manifest your hopes in a far more spectacular way than you could have visualized yourself. All you have to do is hold an attitude of glad expectation.

2. The Use of Frequency and Resonance (Transmutation)
The use of frequency and resonance to powerfully affect our environment uses emphasis to increase the desirable elements in our surroundings. If we wish to have more abundance, we begin by being more abundant with ourselves in terms of time to relax, fulfilling the little desires of our heart, etc. If we wish to be loved and accepted, we stop abandoning ourselves in favor of others.

When difficult people are in our lives, we find the praiseworthy part within them that we can resonate with and emphasize it as a song in our heart when we are with them. We look past the difficult exterior and feel their resonant aspects vibrate with ours in perfect harmony.

3. Removing Filters (Transformation)
We remove the obstruction in our environment by finding a similar obstructiveness within ourselves, and removing it through insight and intent. We honor the purpose the filter in our vision or the obstructive attitude have served, but recognize that it is time for a higher vision. In this way we avoid the pitfall of strengthening what we oppose.

The Third Ring of Magic
The word magic has been misused for centuries. It never was intended to mean the ability to impose one’s will on life. Magic in its true meaning means to expose the Infinite perfection and design of unfolding existence. In third ring magic, you become so at one with the Infinite’s will, that you know there is nothing to change. You are able to contribute to the quality of the endless journey. Like a treasure hunt, the journey yields joyous discoveries of the eternal self, hidden within the many. Knowing this is to appreciate all life as an extension of the self. When this point is reached, the inner knowing becomes certain that all you can ever change is yourself.

She Who Breathes Life Into Dreams – Gods and Goddess Archetypes pt. 1

In middle to late February, Almine workshops are being organized in Russia and Ukraine. Marc and Niels will be sharing a wide variety of Almine’s teachings, focussed primarily on the topics of the Hadji-ka and the hefty subject of resurrection. Below is one a little peak into a subject they will discuss…

Goddess Archetype 1Goddess Archetype Michba-huresvi – (formerly known as Panatura) – She who breathes life into dreams. Fertility and rapid manifestation result from the co-operative creativity of the masculine and feminine; the combination of quality and quantity, activity within rest.

The goddess Michba-huresvi knows that fertility and rapid manifestation come from the masculine and the feminine working together in cooperative manifestation. The goddess has been said to ‘contain the magic.’ What is magic? Magic is closing the gap between the masculine and the feminine, so that the gap between cause and effect also can close. When cause and effect are almost immediate, now we are talking about magic in action – rapid manifestation.

Quality and the quantity combined open the sluices of supply to support the vision. That is the fertility that we think of when we discuss this particular goddess archetype…


You can use the names and sigils of these archetypes to help manifest their qualities in your own life. They are a way to step into a surrendered life. Where the normal manifestations of the feminine and the masculine in our lives is all about seeking control for the little self and never about surrender, these goddess and god archetypes are a way of living to promote trust in the benevolence of Infinite Live unfolding.

This information are but snippets from more detailed discussions and dissemination in Almine’s breathtaking online courses Walking with the Seer and Mystical Secrets of the Toltec Way.

During the rest of February we will share a few more of the 18 gods and 16 goddess archetypes, so stay tuned to the blog…

Rare Almine Audios

Have we got a treat for you today!

Almine’s Dutch radio show Onkenbaar has been doing a true “Almine tour de force” over the past few episodes. In the second part of the last 3 shows, we’ve shared some very interesting Almine materials, of which 2 are very rare indeed. Among them are parts of the mystical keys to manifestation and the angelic dictionary. You can accesses the shows below. We suggest you bookmark today’s post, to discover these resources again and again. Enjoy!

Show 1: Angelic Dictionary Meditation (starts at the 31:07 minutes mark)
Science of AlchemyThe angelic dictionary was the graduation gift of the Science of Alchemy. It is not available as a separate download anywhere. At the end of this 3 month course, Almine gifted the participants with the written new angelic dictionary. She also sang the names of these angels. This recording is a part of that song and can be used as a great meditation tool. Prior to the angelic dictionary there is the angelic evocation for 2012, also a great meditational tool.

Show 2: Lemurian Angels Meditation (start at the 40:36 minutes mark)
This is the audio version of two youtube clips where Almine sings the names of Lemurian Angels. Again a great meditational tool of about 15 minutes and also to be used to call in these angels yourself.

Show 3: Mystical Keys to Manifestation (start at the 38:44 minutes mark)
Power of ForgivenessThe Mystical Keys to Manifestation CD is a discontinued audio from Almine’s past. Other parts of the same series (such as the Power of Silence and the Power of Forgiveness) are still available through Almine’s store, only as MP3 downloads. However, this audio we share today is no longer available, so this is indeed a one time chance to listen to it. We only played a part of it, but we think you will enjoy the information on it.

Revealing The Purity – Wisdom Of The Lemurian Angels Pt. 5

Let us continue today with the Wisdom of the Lemurian Angels. After earlier posting parts 12, 3 and 4, today we share installment 5. We will start where we left off last time, talking about the expressing of the black light angels and the existence of impurity.

Tip: Read all the earlier posts first to see this post in its proper perspective!

Hidden Insights of the Angels
13. No manifestation can occur directly from the individual creations of the Infinite. Any attempt to impose individual will creates a distorted overlay over the perfect pattern of ever-changing Infinite expression.

14. Distorted patterns (impurity) capture portions of Infinite Expression in a cage of illusion. The only manifestation an individuation can do is to release distortion, and reveal the true pattern (purity). All manifestation is the revelation of purity.

15. Yesterday’s pattern of Infinite Intent is not today’s unfolding expression. That which was once a pure pattern is now impure – even when released from its cage of illusion. It must therefore yield its original intended expression in favor of the expression of the moment.

16. The Sigil of Ameth (see post 2 in this series) bound the angels of the black light with a cage of illusion. Its seven shapes represent the illusions of the seven directions. The Sigil of Blahut (also see post 2 in this series) is the next step to releasing the cage and revealing the original pattern.

Stay tuned for our next installment where we go deeper into how the Sigil of Ameth worked and what effects these distortions had on the angels…

1st post of today


One Empowering Moment At A Time – Blast From The Past Pt. 2

During the vacation period we will feature little snippets from Almine’s old diaries. Called the “Blast from the Past”-series, it gives a perfect opportunity to see how Almine’s teachings and insights have deepened over the years or to dive into forgotten corners of the teachings. We think you will enjoy!

One Empowering Moment at a Time
Many envy the success of others without realizing the self-discipline, faith and dogged self-belief that go into producing it.  Success is achieved by a combination of wings and roots; by holding the desired outcome firmly in one’s vision but laying the foundation and structure of one’s dream is done step by step. Exponential growth does not mean the skipping of steps or lack of attention to detail.

Last night my son won the office of states representative. At 28 years old he is not only the youngest, but has created the largest turnover in Oregon history against his very vicious opponent.  He did this by single-handedly knocking on more than 10,000 doors and writing notes and comments to every single person who spoke to him at their door.

If we can live one moment gloriously, and then the next and the next, greatness is born – but it comes one choice at a time.

You can check out Almine’s old, dormant, diaries here and here.

Invitation Of The Goddesses – The 16 Goddesses Pt. 1

We share with you today the first part of a series of four New Paradigms through Ancient Records shows, which will deal with restoring the balance between the masculine and feminine by integrating the 16 goddess archetypes. In our masculine cosmos, the feminine has often times been valued and expressed as less than the masculine.

The 16 goddess archetypes invite you to integrate them into your daily life and start to live their qualities. Today, the first 4!

Listen to the show here.


Michba-huresvi – (Panatura)

Michba-huresvi – (Panatura)



1. Michba-huresvi – (Panatura) – She who breathes life into dreams.

Fertility and rapid manifestation result from the co-operative creativity of the masculine and feminine; the combination of quality and quantity, activity within rest.


Viresva-ashana – (Ama-terra-su)

Viresva-ashana – (Ama-terra-su)


2. Viresva-ashana – (Ama-terra-su) – She who gathers gems of inspiration.

The past remains as part of the present as its inspiration. This creates inspired living.



Belspa-mivechvi – (Ka-li-ma)

Belspa-mivechvi – (Ka-li-ma)


3. Belspa-mivechvi – (Ka-li-ma)
The law of compensation creates a circular movement, like a dog chasing its tail, within physicality, since something is always owed. In recognizing indivisible fullness, life becomes still.


Kresna-haraspi – (Ori-ka-la)

Kresna-haraspi – (Ori-ka-la)


4. Kresna-haraspi – (Ori-ka-la) – She who hears the Eternal Song.
The feminine realms lie outside the physical cosmos the way a Nagual’s double luminous cocoon overlap each other. They are both dream bodies. To know the song of the dreamer, is to know future trends.


You can find the original goddess archetypes (12 in total as Avril explained during the show) in Almine’s book Journey to the Heart of God.

See the second show with its sigils here.