Manifesting From Godhood – Insights From The Lemurian Angels 3/3

Creating reality Creating reality from within the human matrix, is the equivalent of a flat, two-dimensional movie screen that gives the impression of three-dimensionality. Creatively manifesting from the god-kingdom is like virtual reality, in that it provides more depth of … Continue reading

Accepting the Unacceptable and Emotions as a Tool of Guidance – Insights from The Lemurian Angels 2/3

We are so excited about the upcoming free global ceremony which is a glorious celebration of the Lemurian Angels. Their exquisite music – sound healing of profound depth – will be played as well as recorded audios of their insights … Continue reading

The Root Cause of Overspending

In this selection from the upcoming video course Relationships as Temples of Initiation (Dynamic Relationships), Almine identifies the root cause of overspending as the inability to be abundant with the self. Dynamic Relationships : Free Download The Alchemy of … Continue reading