2017: A Volatile & Challenging Year

Messages of Hope from the FutureWe will in the new year be required to step into our role as the sacred government, with extreme dedication and commitment. The good news from the future is that in a matter of decades, hunger will be a bad dream of the past. Everyone will be fed. It sounds to good to be true, but the prophecy is quite strong. Treating food respectfully and with gratitude can help pull in this future sooner.

The Timemap for 2017 indicates that we will have a volatile and challenging year. The stock market will be a bumpy ride, reflecting this. The map is stacked four levels deep (in other words it’s three dimensional – we’ll be living multiple realities, or dimensions at the same time). It was only yesterday that I was shown how to draw such a complex cosmic map.

I will explain on Messages for Lightworkers how we can successfully prevent:

  • The next 911 planned for 11/9/18
  • An orchestrated financial collapse for the West
  • A nuclear attack by the Chinese / Arab alliance

We have been called to bring peace and balance to this planet. We are willing and able to answer the call. May your New Year be an empowered and graceful unfolding.

With love, Almine


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  1. Rain says

    I would love a link to the Ceremony for Sacred Government especially the mini version- so that people could share this powerful alchemy.

    Also I have created an event page on Facebook An UnPresidented Moment-The People’s Inauguration which is another alchemy to step into sacred governance.

  2. Gabriela says

    Thank you for the message, Almine. I only read this today, but it reminded me that 2 or 3 nights ago I dreamt that I was in New York (I live in Ontario). I was at an interesection on the street and I saw above us, in the sky, an alternate reality or dimension that was somewhat visible to us, almost like in a mirror image, as the people were upside down. For a brief moment, people from the other dimension were appearing in this one and, although the appearances were brief and they were not visible to all, some of the people here were able to see them. It was almost as they could see, for a brief moment, friends and relatives that they haven’t seen in a while or lost touch with. I had the feeling that this was not an isolated occurrence, and that some sort of glitches were causing that, and that at random times and spots, we’d be able to see this alternate reality or dimension. There were more parts to my dream that had to do with state secrets, influential families, etc. Quite unusual

  3. Ciara says

    Dear Rogier, the link in this post leads to the personal time maps for 2016, please could we know what the plan is for the new ones? Will it be that we can buy a personal one again? If so, when and where?

  4. Dhani says

    Rain in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka!! Woo hoo!! Thank you to all the holy ones for this assistance with our Mother Earth for rain. 🙂
    May the rain continue to nourish and replenish the dry areas of the globe.

    • wendy mac says

      Just yesterday, I released the grip I had on a belief that I cannot live without water. Although, for many years now, I have recognized water with reverence and gratitude and because my husband and I used to travel allot, I have been aware of water quality and water issues in other parts of the US/ world. One of the great gifts of Living in Northern New Hampshire is the abundance of fresh, beautiful flowing water. Since Almine called us to release all that is holding back abundant flow, several synchronistic opportunities arose ; 1~ my husband and I were present on Christmas eve for my sister in law, who used the moment to unload a tsunami of hateful/angry emotions connected to her fears projected on people of color(other than white) and race(other than Germanic) and religion(other than Catholic/Christian)…we departed the scene before finding ground to celebrate the holiday. 2-I experienced a healing breakthrough of emotional holding in relation with my daughter in law that I had daily brought to my field of Hope and then the realization that I held the belief that I could not live without water. I am celebrating with you, sister!! There is snow cover here so there are no puddles to play in but I’ve played in plenty of puddles, so I am imagining the glory and feeling the joy of the release of water as Rain…the feeling of rain on parched earth… droplets of water landing on dust covered leaves and the fragrances released by the moisture rising. Praise Praise Praise glorious water…blessed water….holy water

      • Marisa says

        I just was wondering and considering checking the weather around the world…curious how quickly we would see the results ☺… we have had enormous amounts of rain within the last 3 days

  5. Lynette Ruest says

    Yes – thankful and humbled to be on Earth at this time to answer the call to comittment to being the Sacred Government on Earth.

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