Angels vs Lords of Light: Life Beyond Entropy

In this transmission, Almine outlines the huge evolutionary leaps of recent months, triggered by the influx of light that resulted from her travels into the future. These achievements include the advent of the Runes for the Resurrected Life, the Resurrection Merkaba and the fluid, multi-dimensional paradigm of the new Timemap.

“Cycles of death and life come from entropy, and entropy is the result of friction between [the] two opposites of the Angels and the Lords of Light — the measure and movement of light, of information, of flow. They push against each other and they leak energy; which is why entropy takes place. It’s the root cause of entropy. Now we have a chance at evolving self-regeneration…” ~Almine

Beyond the Principle of Entropy

Messages of Hope from the FutureOur cosmos is now flooded by the yellow, golden light that was unleashed once we evolved beyond the principle of entropy. Almine reveals how entropy is the energy leakage that results from the friction generated through the opposing functions of the ‘forgotten kingdom’ of the Lords of Light, and the Angelic realms, respectively. Our moving beyond it, is what enables us to rise above the possible shortages and wars that loom ahead.

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  1. Luwellyn says

    Dear Almine, it sounded like you just explained the friction between the right hemisphere ( creative flowing angelic side) and the left hemisphere (linear computer like structured Lords Of Light side) of the brain. And that the left brain is becoming more malleable to allowing the creative fluidity of the right brain to impress a more fluid structure hence a more fluid time flow that’s not so linear, because our rising consciousnesses are choosing different parallel timelines…that are constantly changing to navigate the convoluted multiverse towards a more beautiful outcome. It seems the left brain ego dominant side must somehow surrender more to this inflow from the angelic side…which the angels can then soften and appease the strict and uncompromising egoic nature of the left brain. Making it less stubborn and strict so it can integrate the creative right brain flowing energies into a more beautiful peaceful wholesome Oneness!

  2. Mahtab says

    Beloved Almine
    Greatest Gratitute for the abundance of love and light you bring to this reality.
    So honoured to hear these beautiful messages of light and hope and be able to digest more clearly what we receive and the transformation we are going through.💖🙏

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