Releasing Physical Pain and Trauma

Recently we announced Esklavanet Belvaspata for Releasing Ghosts and Psychic Impressions – it’s a brand new protocol for Belvaspata. At our recent Toronto event, someone asked about a pain that extended from their mid-back, traveling down their side and onto their thigh. I consulted with Almine about this question, see her reply below.  In the… Continue reading →

A Plea to Help the Eastern Ukraine

In this unusual recording taken last night, Almine asks her light family to help their brothers and sisters in the Eastern Ukraine with prayer and ceremony. Download the Sigil for Eastern Ukraine

Sigils for Grounding (Free Download)

In one of our most recent newsletters, we released the sigils for grounding of the left and right foot. Today we are also sharing them here on the diary. Download the sigils for grounding here. These sigils are part of the preparation gifts of the upcoming Ohio retreat, later in mid-July. This is one of Almine’s… Continue reading →

Severing Ancestral Lineages

In today’s transmission on I AM Presence, Almine reveals some mind-boggling information on AIDS and ancestral lineages. These revelations pertain not only to the origin of the disease, but also a tricky ‘group mind’ aspect that is associated with it. This means that the resolution of the disease involves the whole family grid, rather than… Continue reading →

Are Sigils Just Scribbles on a Piece of Paper?

Preview of Almine interview on sigils & mystical languages Are Almine’s sigils just scribbles on a piece of paper? This is a preview of an hour long impromptu interview with Almine in which we go into how she receives sigils and what they actually are, what are the different ways she receives angel names, new… Continue reading →

How to Release Yourself from All Previously Binding Spiritual Contracts

“Cheverech Huvasvi Aranas Hustavi” Let All Unholy Alliances Be Undone From Almine today comes the sigil to release yourself from all previously binding spiritual contracts. These are contracts that we have ‘signed’ throughout the aeons; contracts with other beings (“I won’t leave without you”) and contracts with identities (“I am a supergod”), that result in… Continue reading →

The Sigil of Trust

It is a good day today! Finally, after a long time and many requests we can share the sigil of trust. This sigil is part of the new form of Belvaspata called Krihanash Belvaspata, or Belvaspata of the Soul. This special form of Belvaspata will first be shared during the upcoming Ohio Retreat of July 2013…. Continue reading →

Humanity’s Awakening Since 2005

Humanity’s Awakening Since 2005 – Almine chronicles humanity’s awakening since her mission began in 2005. She describes how The Infinite recreates life, thereby voiding prophecies and predictions, and she describes how The Infinite’s heart and mind began to open, effectively altering humanity in dramatic ways. This video was first released in Almine’s newsletter of this… Continue reading →