Drought Update January 2017

If you read our post,  A Call from Almine to Heal Drought Conditions on the Earth, December 24, 2016 – then you are aware that many areas of the USA and the world have experienced a lot of rain and snowfall recently. For example, some of the latest data  showed the Sierra Nevada snowpack, “which acts as California’s largest water storage facility by replenishing depleted rivers and reservoirs after the winter…was roughly equal to its historical average, an encouraging sign”*. Central and southern California, the hardest hit drought areas, haven’t had as much improvement but this is movement in the right direction.

A second example, Oregon, United States, was named as one of the global drought-stricken locations. It’s been reported that eastern Oregon recently had a record-breaking snowfall (10 feet) and the dams will be full in the spring as a result of this.

Let us strive to keep our emotions flowing, in a clear and balanced way to manifest balanced weather patterns. As stated in a recent post on Messages for Lightworkers,  Not Being Able to Do Magical Acts, “The High Magic that cleans oceans and keeps continents stable, comes through the purity of the practitioners’ being as a conduit. It is called Third Ring Magic and is much, much more powerful than the showy First Ring Magic that impresses humanity.

“I am proud of all of you and it is time for rejoicing and gratitude!”


*New York Times, California Today: Severe Flooding, But Does That Mean Drought Relief?


  1. Tina says

    Yes..we are doing it!! Woohoo!! So grateful to see this happening! Thank you to all who participated..and thank you to our Beloved Almine!

  2. Belkacem says

    Good news, inner and outer are matched 🙂
    Here, intermittent rain…This night we wait for high winds…
    The next week we welcome a strong cold wave (i hope the snow)
    Snow, it is also water which cleans sky of chemtrails.
    We have had a lot of chemtrails in december in the Parisian sky, it was very polluting in Paris and surroundings, same thing in Grenoble…The absence of wind was the only explanation given by meteorologists, well…This has had an impact on people’s health (problems with the bronchi).
    Not including the heaviest influenza epidemic at this time…Short, this is part of the winter scene, sorry for the dramatic parenthesis 🙂

    May the rain (hope also the arrival of snow, please ) continue to bless where necessary with grace and harmony, amen !

  3. Chayakorn says

    Last week, it rained consecutively and unexpectedly for three days in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Just come in here to let you know.

  4. Paul says

    There is nothing more delicious than a glass of simple, easy cold water to cool and refresh the self. What a gift of life ! As we create new life then the water arrives. What a fortuitous and wonderful moment to see the connections and how fully supported and free we are. Here in South Africa, the rivers in the National Parks are all in flood and new life has been born from the old. The drought is reducing and the world has changed.

  5. Denise says

    My grateful thanks for all the light family. Here in South Africa our rivers has started to flow with recent heavy rains. Our main dam since last year from 25% to 40% full from recent rainfall. We still have water restrictions throughout the country for now. More rains are expected. My deepest respect, gratitude and praise to all.

  6. Greg says

    Yes, it is raining like crazy here In No. California. I understand that it’s partially a release of emotion. I am curious about the emotion held back the past few years due to weather manipulation are they expressed differently than emotions not felt due to a cyclical drought?

  7. Marisa says

    Wonderful! !!!! Yes, I am seeing a lot of clips on waterfalls, and rivers flowing powerfully!!! I thought, “we are doing it!” Every time I have a drink of water, I feel immense gratitude and hold the vision of the most pristine, crystal clear waters in streams flowing, all around the world, nature in full abundance, hidden realms dancing in delight,,animals galloping and fluttering, and hopping in joy, humans feeling abundance, fully supported and nurtured, I see all of this in an instant, and my heart sings


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