In 2017 Every Day is a Day Out of Time ⌛

Timemap 2017Almine answers questions about the new Timemaps…

How do the days out of time work for the upcoming cosmic year?

The year before last (2015), we had definite days out of time that were experienced the same by everybody. Last year (2016) we had individual day out of time experiences as indicated on individual Timemaps.

In 2017 every day of the cosmic new year is a day out of time. The meaning of a day out of time is a day in which we experience more than one reality (or an alternate reality) for that specific day. In 2017, starting on January the 28th, every day is lived from four different layers, or dimensions, of reality at once. They are all four present, even though they alternate in emphases. The specific emphases is indicated by the letters (a, b, c, or d) that appear after the number of each day. This will also tell you which subpersonality is emphasized each day.

Will working with our Timemaps become easier with practice?

For those of you who had Timemaps last year that you learned to read, this year’s will be much easier. It builds on last year’s skill sets, as next year’s Timemap is likely to build upon this year’s skill sets. For those of you who are new to this highly mystical tool, as always, any part of the work you need assistance with, our support team will be happy to assist with.

See an example of a personal Timemap for 2017→

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2017: A Volatile & Challenging Year


  1. Denise says

    Good Day Almine…This is wonderful news and my heartfelt gratitude for bringing this sacred tools to the forefront. I am very interested in the fact that we will be living 4 different realities/ dimensions/layers at the same time. Does this mean that our dreamtime will also become more active and busy somehow?

    • Denise says

      Does it also indicates that at the beginning of a new epoch, the pages of the book flip over much quicker just like the pages accelerated towards the end of the last period.

  2. Robin R says

    Holy Synchronicity, This is my first purchase of a time map and it starts on my 62nd birthday 1/28/17 and then a few days later I will be attending my first retreat with our Beloved Almine. What a Glorious start to the New Year! Thank you Almine for the illuminated and Sacred Tools You usher forth from The Infinite Source. I so look forward to meeting You my Sister*Mother.

    In Love, Praise and Deepest Gratitude, Robin R

    • Anna says

      That’s wonderful Robin… I feel your heart and am so happy for you. I know you will enjoy your reunion and the countless blessings that will ripple from you.
      Magical Blessings always 🙂

    • Robin R says

      Thank you Anna for your heart-felt blessings for my upcoming, as you say, reunion, which is exactly what it feels like, coming home to One Whom is as familiar as my very breath. I will leave it at that and also drop all expectations at the door of The Infinite Love.
      Can’t wait…thank you for your note.
      Much Love, Praise and Gratitude Light Sister.
      Robin R

  3. Dhani says

    Oh my this looks very different from last year’s timemap (for me). Thank you Almine for helping us attain this new reality. Glory be.

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