Surrendered Trust in the Infinite

Jaylene in 2017 “I want to wish our Lightfamily all over the world a wonderful New Year. I know there are scary things happening in the news everywhere. But I trust my Mom and I trust you. I’m so glad you’re here. It makes life better.” ~Jaylene


  1. judy says

    Thank You Jaylene for your beautiful, loving message. So much love to you & your mom for a wonderful & joy-filled New Year.

  2. Zen Williams says

    Hi Jeylene Happy New Year to you too . You know reading your words pushes me to do my very best as part of this huge and wonderful Lightfamily that I am so honered to be a part of. I have a Grandaughter about your age and I can understand what you guy’s go through and how important it is to feel safe.
    Have a wonderful year Jeylene . All the very best to you and your Mum

  3. tallulah bleu says

    Thank you Jaylene. Thank you for your faith and light.
    I am so grateful we all have each other.
    And there is hope in all of us.
    Happy New Year beautiful one.

  4. Charlotte says

    What a wonderful New Years gift 🎁 Beautiful Jaylene – to have your heartfelt words…here. Thank you ever so much!
    Happy happy 2017 – from my ❀️ To yourself and your loved ones XoxoX LPGST

  5. Anna says

    awww, Dearest Jaylene, so sweet you are, blessings always to you and your beautiful mother. Life is wonderful and grand, we can never loose the magic of it all… we are the magic.
    With love always.

  6. Denise says

    “Surrendered trust in the Infinite”…..this sparks joy and inspiration within me. I seem to integrate this at a different level each time. I have never met Almine and yourself even though I feel a special connection to her miraculous work. I am eternally grateful for her presence and impeccability of beingness and I hope one day to meet her and yourself.

  7. sujata sengupta says

    Thank you Dear One for everything.
    Have a great final year.
    I am very happy and greatful to be part of our Light family in deep LPGST


  8. Linda Baker says

    Thank you Jaylene! It is such a joyful delight to walk this journey with our light family! Enjoy your senior year! πŸ’–

  9. ChristinaT says

    I had goosebumps when I read your words Jaylene! Amazing timing also! πŸ™‚ Thank you beautiful one! My heart has much love and gratitude for your Mom and for you. Hope to see you again one day soon! πŸ™‚

  10. Deirdre says

    Jaylene, That is the sweetest thing ever. Your sincere expression has deepened my commitment to making the world less scary. Thank you.

  11. Tina says

    Oh, Jaylene, this is so beautiful! Thank you so much! Your words give me more inspiration to do what we are here to do and to have more surrendered trust. You and your mom are both precious gems to me, and to all of us. I am so grateful that you are here as well!

    Love to you both!

  12. Robin R says

    Thank You Dear Jaylene and Happy New Year to you, Your Mother may very well be One of a very few I trust as well…for Her Integrity and Impeccability are from Pure Light. May we all, through our heart-resonance with Her, surrender to the Infinite and Glorious Intent of this New Year working together for the ascension of this planet and awakening of our soul’s purpose here. I will be attending my very first retreat with Almine in Feb. I hope to meet you and other’s of our light-family there.

    Much Love, Praise and Gratitude for thinking of us Jaylene,

    Robin R

    • Jan says

      Retreats for 2017 will be posted on our Spiritual Journeys webstore very soon! If you wish to have your name placed on a waiting list to attend a retreat with Almine, please email me directly:
      Thank you!


  13. Lynette says

    Tears well up in gratitude for your posts ,Jaylene, and your presence and your mother’s presence on Earth at this time.

  14. Patricia says

    Jaylene thank you so very much, I wish for you as well a Wonderful New Year. I well-up with your words. Trust, yes how very poignant. I must look at this quite deeply now. You are so very dear to this world, this cosmos, both you and your mom, where would we be. Thank you for walking this eternal journey with all of us. ~I Love You Both~Deep Love Praise and Gratitude~

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