The Runes of Effortless Metamorphoses

(1/2/17 updated post)

The 8th set of Runes of the Infinite Mother have been called the most sacred set by Almine. They are known as the Runes of Effortless Metamorphoses because they facilitate resurrection.

The Field of Perception associated with these Runes is the Resurrected Life and the wheel associated with them is the power wheel for the Merkaba of Resurrection. Click here for more about the Merkaba of Resurrection.  (Due to popular request, Spiritual Journeys may be offering a Rune deck of the 8th set as a physical product.)


Rune of the Week

Angel: Suharnut

Transparent honesty through empathic oneness


The 62 Runes that comprise this deck are specific to understanding matters to do with the following non-personal issues:

  1. The planetary issues and insights.
  2. The fate and well-being of humanity and other planetary species (including the Hidden Realms)
  3. The future of the planet and her species.
  4. Other star systems interaction with Earth.


Book of Runes by The Seer Almine

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  1. Lynette Ruest says

    Will the 8th set of Runes be sent to the email of the participants of Almine’s New Year’s Eve webinar?

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