A Few Different Subjects In One Post

Listen to this interview with Almine by Lee Osborne that was aired this past week but was originally conducted back in October of 2011. Thanks for sharing, Lee! ~*~ In the past week Almine decided to withdraw her book Journey into the Labyrinth. This choice came after she went through the book and saw that… Continue reading→

A Global Call to Overcome Dysfunctionality

Withdrawing support from dysfunctionality Poetic tone of 11th of September, 2013, from Almine’s Calendar of Oneness. In our latest episode of Awakening from the Dream we invited everyone during a new segment of the show, to focus on one of the poetic tones of the upcoming week. Every Wednesday Almine sends out her newsletter and it… Continue reading→

Six Ways to Eliminate Ego

A recent little gem from Almine’s weekly newsletter to start your week: Practical tools for eliminating ego: 1. Claiming our ‘undesirable’ parts as parts of ourselves that have lost their ‘song’. 2. Releasing resentment against the pace of life. Our resentment indicates that ego wishes to keep control. 3. Living a surrendered life that knows that… Continue reading→

Star Races Don’t Understand Pleasantries

QUESTION FROM A. REGARDING THE STAR TRANSMISSIONS  How have we been chosen by our Star Friends? At this middle-age stage of my life, I don’t have anything in common with my new Friend. Nothing has been said as to why I was chosen by this female – it just feels very random! I’m especially ‘concerned’… Continue reading→

The Eternal Moment (Beyond Light & Frequency Part 2)

Straight from Almine’s latest newsletter… As beings of light, we have had the inclination to want to know. The need to know and the interpretation of experiences creates linear becoming which leads to cyclical change. To move beyond, we must understand how to truly experience without trying to know. We find that when we hold on to plans, preferring one moment… Continue reading→

Origins Of Linear Time (Beyond Light & Frequency Part 1)

Straight from Almine’s latest newsletter… In this fireside chat, Almine dives deep into metaphysics, sharing insights behind the most basic building blocks of existence: light and frequency. Almine shares with us the origins of linear time, details of the very nature and composition of the matrix, all while exposing the two leading tyrants of existence. For more information about bringing an… Continue reading→

Childhood Memory Implants

In this youtube clip Almine speaks about the Original Ones and memory implants, illustrating how one memory – whether real or unreal – can destroy the body. This youtube video was posted first in Almine’s weekly newsletter and was shot during the shamanic retreat for men (2012).

A Few Announcements

Flake of Purity #81: Kaarstat-ulesbi The meaning of life is the same for all beings: Adoration in Action. Replaces: We cannot hope to understand the meaning of life, thus we seek only the clarity to know our next step. This is one of the 108 Flakes of Purity that are part of Way of the Toltec Nagual…. Continue reading→

Looking For Your Help

As you may have noticed, the store is undergoing a bit of an update. Books are getting free previews, for example those of The Abundant Life, How to Raise and Exceptional Child and The Way of the Toltec Nagual. Lots of free pages to immerse yourself into the mystical world of Almine’s daily life. Recently we… Continue reading→