Almine Speaks About Spiritual Maturity

There is an area of our lives that we need to examine in order to see if we need to put it into balance and order.

In my travels to the far distant future, I was impressed that to that date, fifteen generations had passed since there had been war on Earth. There was no military and no police because there were no laws — the global population had become self-governing, a vital component in spiritual maturity… Continue reading→

Is Working with Angels Abandoning Self-Sovereignty?

…we have the perspective that there is a source of the resources outside of ourselves that can somehow give them or withhold them. This perception is impoverishment and lack of self-sovereignty. A perspective that holds you back In working with angels, fairies and other mystical folk, it is often very easy to abandon self-sovereingty by… Continue reading→

Emerging Out Of Oppression – Weekly Predictions By Almine

After our last week of “deep, foundational shifts”, it is now time for Almine’s newest weekly prediction: Prediction for the week of October 20 – October 26, 2013 A feeling of emerging out of a time of oppression could be felt as certain parts of ourself awaken. Allow your feelings expression, as they reject disrespect… Continue reading→

Battle Cry of the Angel Gods

This sample from the angelic transmission of Entering Godhood II exemplifies the Angel Gods’ macrocosmic purification of beings of shadow cast by the suppression of the godhood of the holy ones. Entering Godhood II is currently live on the Spiritual Mastery web site Entering Godhood I is now available as an instant download

Claiming Your Sovereignty

Two new editions of Awakening from the Dream radio show. We hope you enjoy them! When Instinct Gets You Nowhere Join in to listen to Almine invoke the angels for effortless change in 2012. A truly powerful incantation! She also speaks about the difference between creating and expressing. Deep mystical stuff! Rogier, Marc and Niels… Continue reading→

Self-Reliance – Not Asking The World To Understand

The fifth installment of our ongoing series of the seven supporting attitudes of ascension is that of self-reliance. You can read our previous post regarding such an attitude -poise- here. If you are particularly interested in the topic of ascension, you might want to check out our new free online course Pathway of Ascension. Self–Reliance… Continue reading→

Questions About the Destiny of Man

An interview with the Mystic Almine by Rogier Chardet In the upcoming days we will be sharing with you a question and answer session held with Almine about the destiny of mankind. Today part 1! Q: You have often said that one of the primary tasks of humanity is to learn to balance and express… Continue reading→


Light Elixir by Almine The absolute conviction that the One Life is our unwavering support is our passage to self-sovereignty.

Letting Go of Belief Systems

The most disempowering belief system in existence is the one in an external deity.  Based on separation, it forfeits the freedom of self-sovereignty for the abject dependency on an illusional external source. Light Elixir by Almine

Inclusive Sovereignty

Art by Natalia Energy has previously been the movement between two opposite poles.  In reality it is the inclusive sovereignty of expression.