Healing Over The Telephone Line – A Testimonial

Becoming the wave...I am writing to tell you the story of the healing I did with shay from Ireland over the phone (as Almine said it would make a lovely story and to tell you about it ).

One evening on the phone to Shay, the master from Ireland, and we were talking about Belvaspata. Shay mentioned his knee joint and how it had been bothering him.

I asked him what had happened and he said it was to do with an old injury he apparently got in childhood.

I suggested doing a BVP healing for him over the phone with the angel sigels Almine gave to remove old physic impressions from the joints of the body. Shay agreed, so I did the healing and called in the beautiful angels with the sacred sigels , it went beautifully.

The next day I received a phone call from Shay telling me his knee was completely better and the pain was gone.

This is yet another profound experience with BVP thanks to Almine and shows that you dont have to be there in the physical to do a healing for someone as the angels will go to that person even over the phoneline!

Would one percieve this as a miracle? I feel yes; no use of drugs or prescriptions, just the willingness of one ready and willing to recieve the blessing and let go of illusion… Amazing! 

My deepest love praise and gratitude to Almine for everything that she does for the sacred earth, humanity and all beings. I sit in awe of infinite discoveries, this too is Almine (now I must remember to close my mouth lol!)

Eternally one,

Vanessa – Ireland

Thank you for sharing, Shay and Vanessa!



  1. annapatricia says

    thank you very much Marc.On monday next I will give your email details to Sorcha’s mother.

  2. annapatricia says

    Thank you Vanessa and Paul for your postings.I have reread your healing story so many times and cant help but give credence to the possibility of this great healing modality,working miraculously over the phoneline,any distance and without the patient/client needing to be present.
    I am thinking of a young girl named Sorcha (I don’t have her last name) who has brain cancer. Her mother.I know would love Belvaspata for her. It would be wonderful if you and other Belvaspata practitioners could help here,in some way. We keep crossing paths and her name gets given to me on a regular basis.
    It is a wonderful partnership with the angels and the feeling that they are there to help is very reassuring.
    It is such a joy to read these accounts.So keep them coming.Thanks

        • Niels says

          Love how this is working out! Great going guys. BTW, this is exactly what we are envisioning for our new online community (spoiler alert). Very soon we will be launching a new online community (not just a forum) in the style of the very first online courses (for those who remember). It’s a place to share and interact and, in this case, help each other out. Of course when it comes online we will let everyone know 🙂

          Team Almine

  3. Paul says

    Thanx for sharing Sister Vanessa. We’ve just had a beautiful experience here in Johannesburg and we’d love to share it too. One of our Masters here began to provide daily distance Belvaspata healing on a very young boy who was diagnosed as having to have a full liver and kidney transplant. After over a month of daily healings, our sister (she wants to remain ‘anonymous’ about the gift of love she’s been offering) told us privately that this young boy has now been told that the liver is fully healed (and the doctors are scratching their heads about this…..) and that its only his kidneys that will need transplanting now. Our bet is that our beautiful sister here is still working on that particular magic day by day. One of the miraculous moments of clarity here is that no-one, not even the patient, his parents or any one of us – knew that this was going on, so it shows that Belvaspata can offer healing, even when one does not recognize the way illusion forms dis-ease. Much love to the Infinite and all her beautiful children. One Life.

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