Calling the 999 Angel Gods of the Cosmoses

“We invoke the 999 Angel Gods of the cosmic matrix, the cosmos of opposites, to sweep before them all that which traps the old belief systems and contracts and ghosts of the past, to eliminate the geometries of static form.” – Almine

In this 45 minute closing gift of Entering Godhood 2, Almine calls the 999 Angel Gods. Press play to listen to a sample from this transmission.

Interview with Almine – The Evolution of Spiritual Concepts into Godhood

Have we got a treat for you today! This is a bonus interview that we did for the Entering Godhood part 2 online course with Almine. It is an hour long of questions that hail from all of her materials, to help put the current “stepping into godhood” material into perspective. Don’t be alarmed, even though the first part of the interview is quite deep metaphysically wise, the latter part makes up for it with more creative play by Almine… and the whole thing was done with pure enjoyment by all those involved. Enjoy the listen!

Topics covered are, among others:

-What is a God being?
-What is third ring magic and how can you practice it?
-What is the importance of the wild woman archetype?
-What are the different centers in the brain that need to be balanced and awakened to do magic?

Also, at the end Almine shares her own entry into the fun treasure hunt we are calling the “Caribbean Treasure Hunt” in which you can win a Caribbean cruise with Almine. All in all a great interview!

The online courses mentioned in this interview are:

Almine’s Caribbean Treasure Hunt:

Update August 21st, 2013
Here you can find the picture Almine was talking about in the interview that we could get from Grace. It is an exercise to see real light.

The Quest for Godhood – Moscow Retreat with Almine in November 2013

Almine’s journeys will take her to Russia in November of this year. These are retreats that of course will have Russian translations with them, but they still promise to be very powerful, if you look at the overall theme for the retreats which is “the quest for godhood”. Check out the descriptions below and contact our wonderful facilitators Jill and Sergey for more information on how to join.

Date Retreat 1: Friday, November 8, 2013 – Sunday, November 10, 2013 (3 days)
Location: Moscow, Russia - Molodyozhny Hotel

Date Retreat 2 (Private Retreat), maximum 30 people: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 – Sunday, November 24, 2013 (5 days)
Location: Moscow, Russia Hotel Uzkoe

Contact: Jill

NOTE: Visas are required for most people traveling into Russia. See for more details below.

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Moscow Retreat 1 
Through ages of existence, through cycles of life, death and ascension, there are those great lights on Earth who have felt the deep anguish of knowing this reality of man is not their own; that a higher reality beckons. The Seer Almine will lay down, in this retreat, a map for the magnificent journey home to the greater reality of godhood.

There is no greater service than to shake off the binding belief systems that confine us to the lower reality of man. As we evolve beyond immortal boundaries, we set them free.” ~ Almine

Moscow Retreat 2 (Private Retreat)
Maximum attendance: 30. Private retreats include an individual consultation, personal healing session and blessing from Almine.

Private retreats with Almine provide a unique opportunity of full immersion with the Infinite Divine Source, as well as a deep mystical experience to awaken your spiritual gifts.

Private retreats are the most intense and effective path to personal development. During the retreat your personal life situation will be intricately and amazingly intertwined with the cosmic unfolding of Infinite Intent.

During the week of the retreat, you will know through your own personal experience how the Cosmos truly revolves around your life.

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Some other retreats that are also coming up are:

Shamanic Men’s Retreat – September 2013
Shamanic Women’s Retreat – September 2013
Toronto, Canada Retreat – October 2013


The Higher Purpose of the Forehead (The Third Eye Does Not Belong To Man)

Principle 39 of the 300 principles of godhood is called The Eternal Properties of High Consciousness. In elaboration of this principle, Almine explains that the third eye – something which is supposed to see into other realms – is in fact not native to original, pristine humanity. Subtle information is accessed through all cells of the body and there is a much higher purpose to the forehead.

The 300 principles of godhood are explained in Almine’s Entering Godhood 2 and 3 –

Related: In this Shamanic Men’s Retreat lecture Almine explains how the glands around the eyes (accentuated by Egyptian eye make-up) were embedded in the human body by star races, causing a dialogue in the mind –

Battle Cry of the Angel Gods

This sample from the angelic transmission of Entering Godhood II exemplifies the Angel Gods’ macrocosmic purification of beings of shadow cast by the suppression of the godhood of the holy ones.

Entering Godhood II is currently live on the Spiritual Mastery web site

Entering Godhood I is now available as an instant download

The Time of the Gods

In the hearts of the great light workers on Earth, there has been a burden carried through the eons of cycles of life, death and ascension – a spark of memory that existence was so much more.. and the deep anguish of wanting to return home.

Listen to this preview taken from the first day of Entering Godhood Part 2: Metamorphoses Into Godhood, as the Seer Almine translates from the ancient records of the High Hamagda, foretelling of how we are to return to this reality, The Time of the Gods.

Entering Godhood: Shamanic Retreats with Almine, September 2013

Through ages of existence of cycles of life and death and ascension, there are those great lights on Earth who have felt the deep anguish of knowing this reality of man is not their own – that a higher reality beckons. – Almine

Listen to this message from Almine, recorded on her way to the Ohio spiritual retreat, July 2013

From the very onset of knowing we are to have a men’s shamanic workshop back to back and in the same location as a women’s shamanic workshop, we have known that something much larger than meets the eye is taking place – that this would somehow be a herald to huge evolutionary changes for men and women everywhere on Earth.

It is indeed so, that this is the beginning of the construction of how to live the archetypal goddess and archetypal god in the flesh and that this is part of what will be given to us at that time. Through ages of existence of cycles of life and death and ascension, there are those great lights on Earth who have felt the deep anguish of knowing this reality of man is not their own – that a higher reality beckons. We are calling to those of you who have this deep knowledge in your heart that something new must be birthed.

These workshops will lay down a map for the magnificent journey home to the greater reality of what it means to be a god and a goddess. There is no greater service than to shake off the binding belief systems that confine us to the lower realities of man and the roles of what it means to be a man and a woman. As we evolve beyond mortal boundaries, we set others free.

Great information will be given at this time and as with previous men’s and women’s shamanic retreats, we anticipate yet again, that the star visitors will be present. So bring your cameras and we hope to see you there.

Shamanic Men’s Retreat with Almine – September 9-13, 2013
Shamanic Women’s Retreat with Almine – September 16-20, 2013

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Magic of the Gods Update

As you may already know, the Magic of the Gods Self-Regeneration ceremony has been updated with a few corrections since its initial release during the Summer Solstice Ceremony 2013. Interestingly enough, when asked about it, Almine shared with us the deeper meaning behind errors that are sometimes found in the sacred ceremony user-manuals she provides.

This audio is part of Almine’s online course Entering Godhood (week 3, day 3) on

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How to Release Yourself from All Previously Binding Spiritual Contracts

Sigil drawn by Almine

“Cheverech Huvasvi Aranas Hustavi”
Let All Unholy Alliances Be Undone

From Almine today comes the sigil to release yourself from all previously binding spiritual contracts. These are contracts that we have ‘signed’ throughout the aeons; contracts with other beings (“I won’t leave without you”) and contracts with identities (“I am a supergod”), that result in self-sabotaging behavior in the present – such as not claiming godhood. To dissolve these contracts, run your hand over the sigil from left to right, or just look at it, and declare distinctly:

“Let all unholy alliances be undone, from me towards others, from others towards me, or in any other form; Cheverech Huvasvi Aranas Hustavi.”

Click to go to the download page for this sigil

Listen to the sound clip below for Almine’s explanation of this sigil, its use, and how to pronounce the declaration in the Mother’s language.