Is Working with Angels Abandoning Self-Sovereignty?

…we have the perspective that there is a source of the resources outside of ourselves that can somehow give them or withhold them. This perception is impoverishment and lack of self-sovereignty.

A perspective that holds you back
In working with angels, fairies and other mystical folk, it is often very easy to abandon self-sovereingty by using the wrong perspective. It is the perspective that these beings or resources are somehow separate from you. That they are outside of yourself. They are not. All is contained within.

In the following short piece Almine shares some insight on how this abandonment can take place, by discussing the underlying concept of the 9th Goddess archetype called Meshrut-araveshbavi. This is the goddess of ‘knowing the bounty of limitless supply’. This deeply metaphysical piece is transcribed and edited from a lecture Almine did in the early months of 2012.


Goddess archetype 9 – She who knows the bounty of limitless supply

Download the PDF version of this image from the link above for working with Meshrut-araveshbavi.

How you become impoverished
Whenever we think of everlasting supply as being a linear conduit -as being something that we receive from outside of ourselves- we are in a position of being impoverished. In other words, we have the perspective that there is a source of the resources outside of ourselves (for example angels), that can somehow give them or withhold them. This perception is impoverishment and lack of self-sovereignty.

Instead, if we can for a moment imagine spaceless space. Space is just an illusory and illusional construct of the mind. It is here today and gone tomorrow. It varies from person to person, and if enough people believe it, then it is maintained for who knows how many eons. But then it moves, and those eons are gone, and they become just a little wrinkle on the face of eternity.

If space is illusory, how do we look at ourself? Are we a body inside a cosmos? No. The cosmos is, in fact, inside our body. The body that we have is one that has no skin. The skin that we imagine ourself to have is made up of memories. Memories that affirm identities provide a skin to our body.

We are just a field. The field is the cosmos; every star is a cell inside our body. And what is more, is that our body is inside the cosmos, but it is also the whole cosmos.

But if we let these memories go, keeping only their inspiration -either to change the present or to inspire the present to even greater excellence of interpreting Infinite, inevitable intent- we find that we have no skin. We are just a field. The field is the cosmos; every star is a cell inside our body. And what is more, is that our body is inside the cosmos, but it is also the whole cosmos.

Now, the cosmos is just another layer of skin, because beyond the cosmic boundaries lies Infinity. But it is not around our bodies – it is the Infinite within. And when there is no skin and there is no space, there is neither within nor without.

Can we just contemplate these unexplainable, undefinable concepts, just for a moment? If we do we will suddenly find that we have reached a point where there is nothing outside of ourselves. There is just ourselves. Each being, be it angel or man or something else, that seems to be out there in your environment – and we say ‘out there’ as just a word to use – is but a layer within your own being. And you are a layer within the Infinite’s Being.

So where then is the need for supply, and the production of supply, possibly able to exist? With the right perspective we become everlasting supply, because it is a meaningless concept, when all that there is – we are.

transcribed from Almine in Walking with the Seer part 2 (currently no longer available)

This is part of the explanation that Almine gives of the Goddess archetype called Meshrut-araveshbavi (in the past also known as Hay-leem-a) in Walking with the Seer. This is the Goddess archetype that knows the bounty of limitless supply. Almine has given a lot of information on these Goddess (and God) archetypes in the past, as you can see by doing a quick search for ‘archetype’ on this blog. All of this information culminates in the third and final ‘Magic of the Gods ceremony’ that can be found in Entering Godhood part 3. That magical ceremony is called ‘Living the Bounty of Pristine Magic’.

Power Self- Reliance mp3Additional resources
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Please note that the understanding of the archetypes has changed over the years. Thus, the radio show listed in the bullet points has a more limited view of the archetypes, but is still very useful. The Science of Peace book is more recent and the third magic of the gods ceremony is the most up to date insight into the archetypes.

Emerging Out Of Oppression – Weekly Predictions By Almine

After our last week of “deep, foundational shifts”, it is now time for Almine’s newest weekly prediction:

Prediction for the week of October 20 – October 26, 2013
A feeling of emerging out of a time of oppression could be felt as certain parts of ourself awaken. Allow your feelings expression, as they reject disrespect where it had previously been tolerated. Where there is dishonesty, allow yourself to withdraw your support from such relationships and situations. It is a decisive time within which you must claim self-sovereignty, integrity and freedom.

This was the prediction of last week:

Prediction for the week of October 13 – October 19, 2013
There are deep, foundational shifts taking place in the cosmic infrastructure. This will be felt as disquieting currents of change in the core psyche. It is important to choose faith over fear; to know there is an Infinite Being orchestrating the events of life. Through trust and faith they can be benevolent.

As always, tell us what inspires you regarding the prediction for the upcoming week, or your thoughts on last week’s prediction.

The weekly prediction is inspired by Almine’s Calendar of Oneness.

Battle Cry of the Angel Gods

This sample from the angelic transmission of Entering Godhood II exemplifies the Angel Gods’ macrocosmic purification of beings of shadow cast by the suppression of the godhood of the holy ones.

Entering Godhood II is currently live on the Spiritual Mastery web site

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Claiming Your Sovereignty

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When Instinct Gets You Nowhere
Join in to listen to Almine invoke the angels for effortless change in 2012. A truly powerful incantation! She also speaks about the difference between creating and expressing. Deep mystical stuff! Rogier, Marc and Niels go into the different tools we have to interpret life. What do you use if you cannot trust the mind, for it only plays games of divide and conquer. Your heart? Your instinct? What happens when these turn out to be untrustworthy tools as well? Where can we go for guidance, surrender and trust to leave the madness of duality behind? Listen to find out.

Claiming Your Sovereignty
Do you think your environment is really there? Do you engage your mirrors as if they are real and have an effect on you? Listen to Almine talk about mirrors and reflections. Marc, Rogier and Niels also go into mirrors and discuss how a master is always humble but never modest. And we have special guests calling in all the way from Russia (with love!) to invite us on a great adventure to communicate beyond words to pure understanding. We hope you enjoy the show, we sure did!

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Self-Reliance – Not Asking The World To Understand

The fifth installment of our ongoing series of the seven supporting attitudes of ascension is that of self-reliance. You can read our previous post regarding such an attitude -poise- here. If you are particularly interested in the topic of ascension, you might want to check out our new free online course Pathway of Ascension.

Great gains in self–reliance have been made during the last 25 to 30 years, in large part as the result of an escalating de-structuring of family life. For every loss there is a gain, and in this instance both men and women have been plunged into single parent units where they have had to play many roles and often find at the end of a weary day that the only nurturing afforded them will have to be self-nurturing.

Furthermore, there is no one to fight their battles and after bitter lessons they may also be fortunate enough to stumble onto the great truth that has separated genius from mediocrity; that no one can advise us on a course of action – not even the angels themselves. They can only illuminate eternal truths as guiding lights upon our way. Our paths, unique only to us, lie on an uncharted course and the compass is found in the higher wisdom whispered through the promptings of our hearts. Then suddenly one day, a starkly revealed truth emerges and we realize that our being is our sustenance.

Such a realization is indeed the very foundation of self-reliance. It is only the beginning, however, for the edifice to be built upon it takes the painstaking effort of casting off the enslavement of social conditioning and laying the bricks of original thought moment by luminous moment.

Original thought does not ask whether the world can understand it, for its origin is the heart of God and to enter there, linear and superficial thought must be left at the gate. The world wallows in conformity and society favors mediocrity over greatness. To ask for either its understanding or its approval is to sound the death knell to originality. The eagle that has seen the whole valley from the higher thermals above, attempting to mingle with the flocks of birds on the ground would find only rejection. For the pigeons know that in the presence of the eagle, their own lack of sight is made all the more apparent.

Relinquishing either the need to please or the need to have others conform to our expectations creates a sovereignty and peace of mind. It would be as though, instead of walking around with an umbilical cord that we are trying to plug into another, we were to plug it back into ourselves. We would find ourselves then as our own source of strength and nurturing, self-supporting and self-referring for approval.

To such a one, life may bring what it will, for nothing can rob or erode their greatest treasure… the peace of mind inner sovereignty brings.

Questions About the Destiny of Man

An interview with the Mystic Almine by Rogier Chardet

In the upcoming days we will be sharing with you a question and answer session held with Almine about the destiny of mankind. Today part 1!

Q: You have often said that one of the primary tasks of humanity is to learn to balance and express the inner sub-personalities of the inner-child, the inner-elder, inner-nurturer and the inner-warrior. Why are they so important?
A: They represent the four directions, the feminine, horizontal axis and the masculine, vertical axis. Balance them within and all balances without.
Q: What does this produce in terms of change in an individuals life?
A: It closes down the grid of space and produces a timeless and self-sovereign life of mastery and silence of the mind.
Q: So a master has balanced sub-personalities?
A: No, a master is one who has firstly balanced and then transcended the personalities. He or she therefor has no sub-personalities.

“Man is the densest of all beings;
The micorcosm of the macrocosm
As such he is the pivot point of cosmic chance
Balancing the inner sub-personalities,
he sets in motion a ripple effect that closes down
the illusion of time and space”