Savoring the Moments of Eternity



Take pleasure from the little events of the moment, for they are the footsteps upon the joyful road of eternity.



  1. Tina says

    Oh my..looks like this precious being is having so much fun! How light and happy he makes me grateful for his presence and for you sharing him with us!

    Much love to you both,


  2. Robin R says

    Ahhhh…Freedom to make a mess and the joy it brings and I bet Grandma loves cleaning it up just to see that smile on your lovely face. You brought a smile and a giggle to brighten my day little one. Thank you Almine for sharing…

    Much Love, Praise and Gratitude, Robin R

  3. Anna says

    I was just thinking of this little guy, and thought wouldn’t it be nice to see his little happy face at this time when many of us may feel a bit daunted by this sacred work on our Self…thank you so much for the sacred synchronicity and posting this lovely happy little one to bring lightness back our hearts and body.
    LPGT 🙂

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